Code of Ethics

By applying for membership I agree to uphold the tenets of this code of ethics and agree to by bound by them as well as the terms and conditions of the TPPG bylaws. I understand and agree that failure to uphold this code of ethics may result in loss of membership in TPPG.

  1. I will enhance the status of the photographic profession by behaving in a dignified manner in the conduct of my photography and photographic services. The appearance of my studio or place of business and all forms of contact with the public will reflect this dignity.
  2. I will be honest in all my transactions, avoiding the use of false titles and honors, confusing or inaccurate technical terms or descriptions, and misleading terms or claims. I will respect copyright laws and remain honest about the origin of the content I endorse to the public.
  3. I will endeavor to produce photographs and photographic services that will enhance the prestige of the profession. I will give the public my best efforts and strive to raise the standards of photographic craftsmanship.
  4. I will cooperate with my fellow professional photographers and help them whenever possible in times of trouble or difficulty.
  5. I will share my knowledge with my fellow professionals and encourage them towards constantly raising the standard of our profession.
  6. The Board of Directors of the Tallahassee Professional Photographer’s Guild will have the authority to interpret this Code. I will agree to hold the board and guild blameless for any decision they make regarding the Code of Ethics.