Print Competition

The following information pertains to our local guild monthly competition. For State Competition Information, please visit

Each month, we hold a print competition. Please read the rules below carefully – it provides size requirements, categories, and detailed information you must know before entering. The concentration of the guild is education. Because we believe this is critical, we highly recommend you participate in this competition. For those who choose to not participate, be prepared to bring the $5 non-participation fee.

Download the 2016 TPPG Rules for Print Competition [PDF]

Questions?  Please contact the Print Competition Chairperson, Lauren Womble   

Good luck!

Annual Salon Competition

Each year we hold an annual PPA style print competition. When submissions open, the board will create a special dropbox folder where you can upload your images. Please select 3-4 images that you are interested in having reviewed. These can include images from our past guild meetings that you have used in print competition or all new images we have yet to see. Our goal is to get through as many as possible in the time allotted but we will at least touch on something from everyone who submits.

When submitting use your name in the title of the image as well as numbering them. Example:


This is for ease of tracking and to make sure we get to everyone, however, because Linda is serving as a judge at Focus (FPP’s annual convention) later in the year we will not reveal the creators name while discussing the image. If the creator has no plans of entering Focus or if they are okay with the possibility of Linda disqualifying her vote from State Judging the creator may chose to reveal themselves when the image appears.

It is not mandatory to have a digital mat and border on the image, however we do suggest completing this step so we can fully critique them. Kira has created a helpful video on how to set these up at the following link:

When uploading make sure the images are an appropriate web ready size so we can quickly download all of them on the day of the meeting.

Also, please remember this meeting is purely for the benefit of education. Our opinions, while based on our own experience and education in competition, are subjective. It is by no means our intention to tear down anyones work, but we may have suggestions as to why an image might be better suited as a “Sell-able” vs “Salon-able” image. We also encourage everyone in attendance to ask questions as well as provide helpful feedback or ideas. Salon is one of our most educational events. Take advantage!