Convention Message

By Donna Campiz FSA, FED

I can’t tell you all what an honor it’s been to serve as your convention Manager. This year will be one of the best ever. Our programs are comparable to a national convention. Do you ever wonder how top photographers in your area can come up with the coolest ideas…? They go to national conventions! The beauty of this convention is FPP is saving you money by providing you the opportunity to see talent on the national level.

Remember, education should never take a back seat in your business. You have no excuse; this one is in your backyard.

Andy Marcus, who has photographed high profile weddings and events all over the world.

Dennis Craft, past PPA president that gets amazing images of children and is fun to watch.

Hanson Fong, the creator of flow posing will take on any large family grouping and make them all look good in five minutes or less.

Richard Sturdevant, the master of Photoshop techniques will share his knowledge of creating award winning images and artistic talents.

Bruce & Josh Hudson, Bruce has been in business for over twenty years and has ridden the wave of up’s and down’s in crazy economical times. He will share his strategic plans on riding the new wave of marketing to create a better client base.

Rick Ferro, Fashion is in and Rick will walk you through setting up lights for the new fashion look.

Larry Lourcey, will show us how to organize a home studio when paying rent to a silent partner is not an option. It’s essential to keep every dime in your pocket in today’s economy.

Andrew Jenkins and Jackie Palmer will explain why image is so important while having a studio in your home.

Pat Chill, showing us how to maximize our bottom line from photographing schools and sport photography in the slow months.

Janice Wendt, will take you through the amazing ways Nik Filters can take an ok image to a competition ready image.

John Woodward will take you through the hotel and show you how to handle lighting situations on his safari. We don’t always have the perfect location’s when photographing our clients today.

Dream Team Wedding will take you through an entire day of a wedding photographer. Learn from top wedding photographers from around the country on how they handle having no time at a wedding to and creating phenomenal images.

Now the cut off date for the FPP early bird discount is July 23rd, however the Rosen Hotel special price for FPP is JULY 9th!!

You need to take action now and register!

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