Dear FPP Members – friends and family,

Anyone see the movie “Cinderella Man” with Russell Crowe? I’m no boxing fan by any means, but that was a great movie. Overcoming lots of competition, injury, tough economic times… hmmm… sound familiar?

Now, I know that this looks like a wordy letter, and if I were a man, it would only be 1/7th as long…but bear with me. And, men, just read faster…

The professional photographic industry has been hit with a one-two punch: Between the digital mass production of “instant” photographers (aka soccer moms) and the current economic uncertainties, our industry is finding that we can’t stay in the ring the way we always used to! Since the situation is not going to change, WE have got to change. If we are to survive as a viable professional industry, we must explore ways to work with the situation as it stands.

Your FPP Board of Directors recognizes that we must be aggressive in our efforts to find ways to rise above the challenges. A key word is Education. We must educate the public better as to why they should choose a professional photographer over Uncle Joe. We must also educate our FPP members with regards to professionalism and smart business tactics, and here are two examples of steps in that direction:

First, it is important that we promote the “get legal” idea. Last August, with the general membership’s consent, a motion was passed to more strictly require that professional members show proof of a current sales tax number. If you are a member of our association under the Professional membership category, you will have to adhere to this policy. It protects you, it shows your clients that you care enough about your profession to obtain the legal documents, and it’s just the right thing to do.

Second, our next seminar will address business tactics and the economic situation. Now, come on, guys – I realize most of you are artists, right-brainers, open-minded, creative (well, maybe some salon judges don’t always fit into that last one…), and I can hear the moans and groans all the way here in Astatula. Maybe if you look at it like “creative business thinking” it won’t hurt so much. This seminar will be different than any you’ve attended before. We will be sending out more information as time gets closer, but here are some important points:

· Monday, March 2, 2009, Ocala Hilton (right off I-75) – Mark the date NOW!
· Send someone from your studio who is involved in the marketing
and/or business end of things, if you aren’t.
· The fee is only $20. Did you hear that???!!

We’ve got to start thinking outside the box! With the way things are, we may need to throw the box out altogether!

Work with us; we’re working for you!!

Warmest regards,

Teri Crownover
FPP Executive Director