August 2012 TPPG Board Meeting Minutes are here

August 2012 TPPG Board Meeting Minutes

  In Attendance: Cindy, Shannon, AJ, Robin, Eileen, Kylene and Christie Absent: Linda, Olyn

    Meeting was called to order at 6:09 pm on August 15th, 2012

  • July Board Meeting Minutes were approved.

I. Reports

a. Print Competition

  • AJ reported on the current ranking for Photographer of the Year:
  1. AJ – 30 pts.
  2. Cindy – 18 pts.
  3. Linda  – 17 pts
  4. TIED  – Christie – 15 pts

                 Terri –   15 pts

b. Treasurer’s Report

  • Christie did not bring report
  • Christie will email to Board
  • IRS Tax Filing still needs to be done.  Christie will have it taken care of by next Board meeting.

c. Secretary’s Report

  • Eileen had nothing to report.
  • Robin will send Eileen a copy of last month’s report.
  • Shannon has confirmed El Jalisco for our August meeting.

 d. Membership Report

  • Cindy did not bring the July report.  She will email it to the Board.
  • Cindy reviewed the new FPP General Membership changes.
  • FPP added a new Category – Non Professional
    • Can’t use FPP logo
    • Will be listed in Membership, but not under Find a Photographer

 e. Delegates Meeting /FPP Convention Recap

  • Robin reviewed how FPP Salon Competition went this year
  • This FPP used Proof-Cast and it worked really well
  • Jeff with Proof-Cast will help with our TPPG Salon next year.
  • Most entries extended full frame and had stronger impact on judging
  • Local chapter officers must be FPP members
  • AJ recommended that images for next year’s Guild Salon and FPP Salon extend full frame – 3000 x 3000 pixels.
  • Robin will be the Salon Manager for 2013 – Congratulations!
  • FPP has changed the requirements for local chapters

II. Old Business


  1. Art Show


  • Kylene gave an update as to how the LeMoyne Art show is coming along.
  • So far there are 8 members who have confirmed participation
  • Need to get bios from all participants ASAP so brochures can be printed
  • Flyers are for personal use – to invite clients, post on FB, etc.
  • Robin requested an explanation of how the photographer flyers are suppose to be used.
  • Christie and Kylene will purchase beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages for opening night.


III. New Business


  1. Speakers
  • Steve Metz is speaking at this month’s meeting. 
  • He will probably not participate in a print critique at the end of the meeting.
  • August – Steve Metz
  • September – Open
  • October – Open
  • November – Open
  • December – Holiday Party
  • Keely Dueschle
  • Darryl Jarmon
  • Enrique Munoz
  • Robin reviewed speaker line up for remainder of the year.
  • Need to work on getting 3 more speakers, especially for September

b. By Laws and Holiday Party Committees


  • Robin stated that we need to form committee to revise the TPPG Bylaws – they have not been updated in over 5 years.
  • Robin, AJ, Cindy, Olyn and Eileen have volunteered
  • Robin will send an email to committee to set up a meeting.
  • Bylaws need to be updated and approved by the Board before the General membership Business meeting in October.
  • Kylene, Christie and Shannon are committee members
  • Eileen will send out a meeting request to begin planning the party.
  • Eileen agreed to chair the Holiday Party committee


   VI. Meeting Adjourned

  • Christie moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 p.m.  Cindy seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.