2010 FPP Convention is August 7-11

Convention Message

By Donna Campiz FSA, FED

I can’t tell you all what an honor it’s been to serve as your convention Manager. This year will be one of the best ever. Our programs are comparable to a national convention. Do you ever wonder how top photographers in your area can come up with the coolest ideas…? They go to national conventions! The beauty of this convention is FPP is saving you money by providing you the opportunity to see talent on the national level.

Remember, education should never take a back seat in your business. You have no excuse; this one is in your backyard.

Andy Marcus, who has photographed high profile weddings and events all over the world.

Dennis Craft, past PPA president that gets amazing images of children and is fun to watch.

Hanson Fong, the creator of flow posing will take on any large family grouping and make them all look good in five minutes or less.

Richard Sturdevant, the master of Photoshop techniques will share his knowledge of creating award winning images and artistic talents.

Bruce & Josh Hudson, Bruce has been in business for over twenty years and has ridden the wave of up’s and down’s in crazy economical times. He will share his strategic plans on riding the new wave of marketing to create a better client base.

Rick Ferro, Fashion is in and Rick will walk you through setting up lights for the new fashion look.

Larry Lourcey, will show us how to organize a home studio when paying rent to a silent partner is not an option. It’s essential to keep every dime in your pocket in today’s economy.

Andrew Jenkins and Jackie Palmer will explain why image is so important while having a studio in your home.

Pat Chill, showing us how to maximize our bottom line from photographing schools and sport photography in the slow months.

Janice Wendt, will take you through the amazing ways Nik Filters can take an ok image to a competition ready image.

John Woodward will take you through the hotel and show you how to handle lighting situations on his safari. We don’t always have the perfect location’s when photographing our clients today.

Dream Team Wedding will take you through an entire day of a wedding photographer. Learn from top wedding photographers from around the country on how they handle having no time at a wedding to and creating phenomenal images.

Now the cut off date for the FPP early bird discount is July 23rd, however the Rosen Hotel special price for FPP is JULY 9th!!

You need to take action now and register!

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FPP Dues

Your FPP  Listens…

To make membership in the FPP more affordable and easier to manage, we are offering a New Monthly Payment Plan for Dues.

To access your profile for the first time and sign up for monthly billing, please go to the  FPP Membership Database,  enter your email address and click on “Forgot Password” You will be sent a link to create a new  password.

When you have entered the site click on “View Profile” or “Change Password” at the top right of the page. Renew your membership with payment in full or select the IP membership level. If you have any problem with access, please email Tony Hopman.

The dues will be billed to your favorite credit card on a monthly basis for as little as $12.00 per month.

Tough Times, Tough Decisions

By Dana Lunden, FSA, FED 2010, Secretary-Treasurer

We all know the economic climate has had its share of hurricanes, droughts, nor’easters and pretty much whatever hardship one can think of for some time now. How long it will last is anyone’s guess. As business owners, there are numerous decisions we must make periodically, based upon our business model. Advertising and marketing dollars, especially in these trying economic times, must be invested wisely to ensure the best possible return. Notice that I said invested, not spent. 

Whether that money goes towards print advertising in a magazine, business cards, radio ads, whatever, we need to make sure we are really aiming for our target market. If you don’t have a lot of experience in this area, check with another photographer who does pretty much what you do for work, but in another geographical area, someone you’re not competing with, and ask them what they are doing for marketing. Try to determine what’s working for them and see what hasn’t worked. Then try it in your area.

A short time ago, my wife and I took a mini vacation and went to a couple of theme parks. It was funny, but at one point we looked at each other and said what recession?! There were a lot of people walking around, a lot of people in shops, a lot of people buying things. There is discretionary income being spent out there. The trick is to discover who has it (your target market) and how you can get them to invest it with you.

Now is not the time to cut back on certain things: marketing, of course and your education. “But I can’t really see a return on my education dollars” you may think. Think again. How do you learn marketing, lighting, posing, retouching techniques, the list goes on and on, unless you go to  Florida School, Convention, and seminars? Now is the time that you absolutely must be on top of your game as far as your education is concerned. The digital Dons and Debbies/soccer moms have a certain share of the market- that is a given. And it also stands that we don’t want that share. We want the clients who are educated and know the value of a high quality image. Do you see where I’m going with this?

It is our moral obligation to produce the highest quality image we can if we are charging a client what that image is worth.

This is where education comes into the picture.  Education and experience are what separates US from THEM. Our education dollars invested now will keep on returning over and over again in the future. That is what makes us different. That is one of the reasons we need to take an active role in not only our local guild but also at the state level. The Florida Professional Photographers are working hard to bring you the highest quality instructors at Florida School while keeping the tuition reasonable. The real question is: How much is your education worth to you?

This year is flying by- Florida School is only weeks away and Convention is a few months after that. If you haven’t renewed your FPP membership, do it now. Instead of coming up with excuses why you can’t afford it, write down the reasons why you can. In addition to having the ability to make a better living for you and your family, ie., more money, you’ll have the ability to bless more people around you. Now isn’t that worth it?

Florida Professional Photographers. Winter Seminar. March 2 at the Ocala Hilton

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited about our upcoming seminar March 2 at the Ocala Hilton. This is the number one seminar to help us all with our current slow economic situation that many of us are going through. In the past couple of month I have talked with many of you and you all are all saying the same thing. We all need to boost our sale’s without spending a ton of money in the process. The speaker we have John Porricolo will give you specific actions you can take to significantly increase your business and will have free takeaways to help you get started. Did I mention Lunch is included?

FPP is very concerned with all of us and knows we do not have a lot of cash to spend. A seminar like this would normally cost $195.00, however FPP is offering this program for it’s Members $20.00. Section Members who are not FPP members $40.00. NON Members $119.00 . Get the CARPOOLING started in your section and don’t miss out on this one. WE all know there is a lot going on in March but this seminar is a very necessary. Let FPP help you rise above the Financial Recession. We want you to be able to take specific steps to ensure you have better results in 2009! There is nothing to be sold by this Speaker. Come and listen to a man who has helped Disney, Blockbuster and American Express. WE are all looking forward to seeing you there.


Donna Campiz FED,FSA
Director of Education
Florida School Assistant Director
Convention Committee Manager
NILMDTS Area coordinator

A Letter From FPP Executive Director – Teri Crownover

Dear FPP Members – friends and family,

Anyone see the movie “Cinderella Man” with Russell Crowe? I’m no boxing fan by any means, but that was a great movie. Overcoming lots of competition, injury, tough economic times… hmmm… sound familiar?

Now, I know that this looks like a wordy letter, and if I were a man, it would only be 1/7th as long…but bear with me. And, men, just read faster…

The professional photographic industry has been hit with a one-two punch: Between the digital mass production of “instant” photographers (aka soccer moms) and the current economic uncertainties, our industry is finding that we can’t stay in the ring the way we always used to! Since the situation is not going to change, WE have got to change. If we are to survive as a viable professional industry, we must explore ways to work with the situation as it stands.

Your FPP Board of Directors recognizes that we must be aggressive in our efforts to find ways to rise above the challenges. A key word is Education. We must educate the public better as to why they should choose a professional photographer over Uncle Joe. We must also educate our FPP members with regards to professionalism and smart business tactics, and here are two examples of steps in that direction:

First, it is important that we promote the “get legal” idea. Last August, with the general membership’s consent, a motion was passed to more strictly require that professional members show proof of a current sales tax number. If you are a member of our association under the Professional membership category, you will have to adhere to this policy. It protects you, it shows your clients that you care enough about your profession to obtain the legal documents, and it’s just the right thing to do.

Second, our next seminar will address business tactics and the economic situation. Now, come on, guys – I realize most of you are artists, right-brainers, open-minded, creative (well, maybe some salon judges don’t always fit into that last one…), and I can hear the moans and groans all the way here in Astatula. Maybe if you look at it like “creative business thinking” it won’t hurt so much. This seminar will be different than any you’ve attended before. We will be sending out more information as time gets closer, but here are some important points:

· Monday, March 2, 2009, Ocala Hilton (right off I-75) – Mark the date NOW!
· Send someone from your studio who is involved in the marketing
and/or business end of things, if you aren’t.
· The fee is only $20. Did you hear that???!!

We’ve got to start thinking outside the box! With the way things are, we may need to throw the box out altogether!

Work with us; we’re working for you!!

Warmest regards,

Teri Crownover
FPP Executive Director

Important Information from the Competition Manager, NancyBell Hamilton

Just a few updates – to avoid confusion

1. Your salon entries must be registered on line!!st a few updates – to avoid confusion
Your salon entries must be registered on line!!Before Friday, August 15 at 11:59 PM and your case fee will be $60.00

Register Saturday, August 16 – thru Tuesday, August 19th before 11:59 PM
and your case fee will be $85.00

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FPP Early Case Deadline Extended!

Leap Day, 2008

Kirk's PhotoOne Day Sale!
Two days Only!!

2008 logo


Salon Registration Discount Extended!

The final day to take advantage of the

$ 25.00 Case Fee Discount Ends Today, Wednesday, August 13th. At this point, we have received over 250 entries that qualified for this discount. I know that there are still several more members that have not registered, and would still like to be able to take advantage of saving 25 Bucks!
So, I’ve decided to extend this discount for two more days! You now have until midnight, Friday, August 15th to register your salon entry, with images, and still receive this discount. But, after Friday, that’s it for the discount.
If your images are not quite ready, that’s okay. You can still register, with the images, and make changes a little later. Not a problem.
However, if you wait till Saturday to register, then your case fee will be the regular $85.Deadlines are now August 15th to save $25.00 and August 19th, final day to register online! ALL SALON ENTRIES MUST BE REGISTERED ONLINE! Registrations will not be accepted at the Convention. Of course, remember, you will still need to have your actual cases, with the images, at the Salon Room no later than 8:00AM Saturday morning, August 23rd.
Cases must be shipped by August 15th or hand-delivered on
August 23 by 7:59 AM. All entries must be registered on-line.  

Questions, problems, help: Tony Hopman , NancyBell Hamilton , Kirk Kief
Please provide your telephone number in the email.



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2008 FPP Convention

Still Needed:
The salon committee is lookinmg for a few good people to work on Saturday and Sunday. This is a great learning opportunity. Contact NancyBell Hamilton 561-746-4511 ot Tony Hopman 863-398-1517 today.


Are you attending this year convention? Are you excited about the new location? Do you feel something is missing in your life if you don’t have a camera in your hand? Well then, The PHOTOGRAPHIC COMMITTEE is looking for you!!! I love to take pictures. In fact this is my third year on the committee and we are looking for 3-4 more fun loving photographers to help out. This year I have set-up to take care of all the EDITING. That’s right, all you have to do is SHOOT!. Then just download the pictures on my laptop and I will do the rest. HEY, all the fun with none of the post production (wish my weddings worked like that). Also, this is a great way to earn a Service Merit for your Service Award or Masters. Hmm, take pictures, earn a merit, and have fun doing what I love. That works for me, how about you. If you are interested please E-mail me Chris Toolen at: ALLURINGIMAGE@YAHOO.COM or call me (407) 468-7071.
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