August 2017 Meeting and Print Competition

This month we welcome Marti Newkirk!

When: 6pm-9pm 
Where: Liberty Bar


Boudoir is for ” Every Body”

Many of our potential customers believe that boudoir photography is only for those with perfect bodies but nothing could be further from the truth. Join Marti as she shares with you how she poses and lights her boudoir customers to showcase their best! This program will cover:
*  lighting to bring attention where you want it to be

*  posing to flatter your subject with tips to bring out her favorite features 

*  keep the viewers eyes away from areas she is not so fond of

*  how to use competition or camouflage the rest in creative ways 

*  how to talk with customers to set them at ease during the session

*  products I sell most frequently



Marti Newkirk is a Master Photographer based in Lakeland FL who specializes in boudoir, portraits and weddings. She has been photographing professionally since 2010. She has earned a Silver Medal in PPA’s 2015 and 2016 International Print Competition with her images accepted into the prestigious Loan Collection. Her work has been featured on the cover of Southern Exposure, the SEPPA magazine and Florida Photographer, the magazine of FPP. Marti was also named 2015 Photographer of the Year by the PPGMF. In 2014, she was awarded First Place in Children’s Photography in 11 states by the SEPPA and earned her designation of Certified Professional Photographer, CPP.  Marti currently serves on the Executive Board of the FPP as Secretary/Treasurer and the Board of Directors of the PPGMF, having served as President in 2015 and Vice President in 2014.  In her leisure time, Marti enjoys spending time with her husband, the incomparable Bill, camping, kayaking and playing with their adopted grandchildren.

July 2017 Meeting and Print Competition

This month we welcome Nicole Everson!

When: 6pm-9pm 
Where: Liberty Bar



Run your business don’t let your business run you.

In this program Nicole will go over the biggest lessons she has learned in her 10 years of building her photography business. From finding your value, to feeding your soul as an artist while still feeding your children. Come join us for some heart felt encouragement and laughter.

We would love to see you there, please take a moment to RSVP on our Facebook page!


May 2017 Meeting and Print Competition

When: Monday, May 15th 6pm-9pm
Where: Liberty Bar, Tallahassee, FL

Next month’s TPPG meeting is all about salon prep! It’s competition season and to help prep for Salon in June we are having a special review session on May 15. Kira, Linda and myself will help lead a discussion on how to prepare and polish your works so that they can maximize their potential for panel judging in June.

The board has created a special dropbox folder where you can upload your images. Please select 3-4 images that you are interested in having reviewed. These can include images from our past guild meetings that you have used in print competition or all new images we have yet to see. Our goal is to get through as many as possible in the time allotted but we will at least touch on something from everyone who submits.

When submitting use your name in the title of the image as well as numbering them. Example:


This is for ease of tracking and to make sure we get to everyone, however, because Linda is serving as a judge at Focus (FPP’s annual convention) later in the year we will not reveal the creators name while discussing the image. If the creator has no plans of entering Focus or if they are okay with the possibility of Linda disqualifying her vote from State Judging the creator may chose to reveal themselves when the image appears.

It is not mandatory to have a digital mat and border on the image, however we do suggest completing this step so we can fully critique them. Kira has created a helpful video on how to set these up at the following link:

When uploading make sure the images are an appropriate web ready size so we can quickly download all of them on the day of the meeting.

Also, please remember this meeting is purely for the benefit of education. Our opinions, while based on our own experience and education in competition, are subjective. It is by no means our intention to tear down anyones work, but we may have suggestions as to why an image might be better suited as a “Sell-able” vs “Salon-able” image. We also encourage everyone in attendance to ask questions as well as provide helpful feedback or ideas.

I added all the members from the guild to the “Edit” section of the drop box link. You should have received an email but here also is a direct link.

The deadline for uploading images is 11:59pm on Sunday the 14th.

Also! Don’t forget about our standard monthly Print Comp! That will still take place like every month for the first 30 minutes of the meeting. So order those prints soon!

Please let me or any of the board members know if you have any questions. Looking forward to a stellar batch of images!


May’s meeting is also YOUR chance to DESTASH and SHOP. Members, bring anything you’d like to sell from your studios. This could include props, gear, ANYTHING you think that other members might be able to use that you no longer need. 
Here’s the rules
Everything must be labeled with your name and price
Take everything home with you afterwards that does not sell
Bring your own way to take payment. Square, Paypal, or the like preferred
TPPG is not responsible for your equipment. Please be mindful of what you bring.
All proceeds go to the seller.
You must be a current TPPG member in good standing to sell your items.
Visitors are welcomed, but $15 visitor fee applies. Must be your first visit this year.

March 2017 Meeting and Print Competition

This month we welcome Anne Moshier McCabe!


Anne Moshier McCabe
Senior Films: The Art of Creating Senior Videos
Anne will demonstrate how to easily capture dreamy video within a simple workflow. You will learn: What settings you will need to shoot video, how to walk your clients through the video process, how to create a seamless workflow from portraits to video.

About the Speaker: 
Wife, mom, & photog for the past 9 years. I have been shooting video for a little over 2 years and have become absolutely fascinated with it. I simply can’t get enough. I use my video techniques to create Senior Films, Engagement Films & Wedding Films, along with Promotional Films for other photographers and businesses. My studio is located in North Florida in the small town of Macclenny.

I have articles published in Chic Critique Magazine & Senior Style Guide, was a speaker for Conference 12 this year & spoke at Sync in February.

You can view video clips here:

We would love to see you there, please take a moment to RSVP on our Facebook page!


January 2017 Meeting and Print Competition

Welcome to 2017! We are so excited for the upcoming year and are kicking off the year with something a little different for our first meeting at Liberty Bar! The meeting will take place Monday, January 23rd from 6-9pm.


This month will sort of be like the first day of school…come back and see all your friends you’ve missed over the break and meet some new ones. The board will go over what to expect this year and there will be two fun stations set up from some of our local talent using off camera lighting. Feel free to bring your own camera for some hands on experience! We will have a slightly modified schedule than usual, so read the details below so you know what to expect and feel free to email us if you have any questions at all!

The Schedule:

6:00-6:30pm Everyone arrives to turn in prints, order dinner, and socialize.
6:30 to 6:45pm Introduce everyone and give a little info about who you are.

6:45 to 7:15pm Off Camera Lighting demo with AJ Abellera.

7:15-8:15pm Enjoy dinner while we vote on prints, hear from the TPPG Board and exciting events happening in 2017, and learn more about the monthly print competition!
8:15-9:00pm We will move the meeting outside to have a demonstration on how to “paint with light” using sparklers with Kylene and Ryan Gay. Bring a tripod plate for a Manfrotto (or your own tripod) if you’d like to try this technique.

We would love to see you there, please take a moment to RSVP on our Facebook page!

If you haven’t visited TPPG this year, this will be a super fun meeting to do so and the $15 visitor fee is waived for the month of January!


November Meeting & Print Competition

This month we welcome Georgia Zumwalt, CPP and her program, “Skin & Eyes.” Learn Photoshop retouching techniques for skin & eyes that will take your images from “good” to “GORGEOUS!”

Where: Liberty Bar
When: Monday, November 14, 6pm-9pm


14924012_10210964444978252_938749063_oGeorgia P Zumwalt is a proud and active PPA Certified Professional Photographer who serves the Georgia Professional Photographers Association as the photographic competition chair, and she is a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS). She’s had a camera attached to one hand and a coffee cup attached to the other for over 25 years, and she believes believes that success lies within each and every person…and a healthy attitude is the key to great success. She began her photography career in the late 1980’s. One of her first professional jobs as a photographer was for the California Optometric Association. She was asked to photograph Folsom Prison (yep, the same one Johnny Cash sang about) for a story about the prisoners role in the eyeglass production. Over the years her work has been used by the National Audubon Society, Estée Lauder, Kubota, and FleishmanHillard to name a few. You can check out some of her work at

October Meeting & Print Competition

Running a Home Photography Studio
with David Hakamaki, Cr. Photog

Where: Liberty Bar
When: Monday, October 17, 2016 6pm-9pm

David Hakamaki





September Meeting and Print Competition

When: Monday, September 19, 2016

Where: Liberty Bar



Boudoir Photography with Shannon Griffin

Shannon believes that boudoir photography is so much more than photographing scantily-clad women. Boudoir is about building a relationship with someone so that they can feel confident, perhaps for the very first time in their life. Shannon will explain why and how she photographs boudoir. Topics will include posing, pricing, marketing, and most importantly, how to build trust with your clients.

Shannon Griffin

About the Speaker

shannon-griffin-headshotShannon received her degree at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, which provided a basic foundation for her career as a photographer. She credits most of her success since, to the hours she has spent building relationships with the women she has photographed. These hours have taught her how to be vulnerable, which in turn has helped her to find her true artistic voice. In addition to boudoir, Shannon is also a published wedding photographer. She spends most of her free time traveling with her husband, exploring new places.

Monthly Print Competition

Don’t forget to bring your 8×10 prints to compete. Attendees who opt out of print competition will pay a $5 meeting fee. Print competition rules can be found at 

August Meeting and Print Competition

When: Monday, August 15, 2016
Where: Liberty Bar

Making a Business out of Headshots with Gary Hughes, M. Photog. Cr. CPP

Join one of the foremost headshot photographers in the industry as he shares the secrets of how he and his wife and partner, Julie, have created a thriving photography business by standing in the shallow end of the pool and working an underserved market. Learn marketing and pricing strategies as well as some of the techniques Gary uses to create his signature images. From beginner to expert, this program will educate, entertain and equip every attendee to take advantage of this exploding market in professional photography.

TPPG Gary Hughes


gary_hughes_headshotAs the child of photographer parents, it is ironic that Gary’s professional life included everything but photographer until life led him back to the path he was ultimately destined, photographer. In 2008 he and his wife founded Hughes Fioretti Photography and, in the years since, have grown their business by making a name for themselves as THE place to get headshots in Central Florida. Aside from running a studio in Orlando, FL, Gary is also in demand as a photography educator and travels often, teaching his methods to photographers all over the world. His main focus as an instructor is to empower photographers to create the type of business that sets them free to live the kind of life they want.

Gary’s work has been featured in Professional Photographer Magazine and he has been a speaker for Imaging USA, Creative Live and has written articles on photography for the Huffington Post.


Monthly Print Competition

Don’t forget to bring your 8×10 prints to compete. Attendees who opt out of print competition will pay a $5 meeting fee. Print competition rules can be found at

July Meeting & Print Competition

In Person Sales with Stacy Larsen

When: Monday, July 18, 2016 6pm-9pm
Where: Liberty Bar

Without a doubt, in person sales equal higher profits. But for so many, the very thought of becoming a sales person can be terrifying. Stacy Larsen will be sharing her low pressure, high profit approach to in person sales. She will walk you through start to finish how she maximizes her profits while building life long relationships with her clients.

TPPG Stacy Larsen


Stacy LarsenStacy Larsen is a natural light Photographer in the Tampa Bay area, has been in business since 2004 and has combined her years of experience and passion for photography to build a successful boutique portrait business. Stacy has been teaching budding photographers around the country how to start and run a profitable business without falling into the “Mom with a Camera” gap that so many new photography businesses fall victim to. She prides herself on being an open book and loves sharing her knowledge and experience whenever she can.