Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited about our upcoming seminar March 2 at the Ocala Hilton. This is the number one seminar to help us all with our current slow economic situation that many of us are going through. In the past couple of month I have talked with many of you and you all are all saying the same thing. We all need to boost our sale’s without spending a ton of money in the process. The speaker we have John Porricolo will give you specific actions you can take to significantly increase your business and will have free takeaways to help you get started. Did I mention Lunch is included?

FPP is very concerned with all of us and knows we do not have a lot of cash to spend. A seminar like this would normally cost $195.00, however FPP is offering this program for it’s Members $20.00. Section Members who are not FPP members $40.00. NON Members $119.00 . Get the CARPOOLING started in your section and don’t miss out on this one. WE all know there is a lot going on in March but this seminar is a very necessary. Let FPP help you rise above the Financial Recession. We want you to be able to take specific steps to ensure you have better results in 2009! There is nothing to be sold by this Speaker. Come and listen to a man who has helped Disney, Blockbuster and American Express. WE are all looking forward to seeing you there.


Donna Campiz FED,FSA
Director of Education
Florida School Assistant Director
Convention Committee Manager
NILMDTS Area coordinator