Leap Day, 2008

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Two days Only!!

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Salon Registration Discount Extended!

The final day to take advantage of the

$ 25.00 Case Fee Discount Ends Today, Wednesday, August 13th. At this point, we have received over 250 entries that qualified for this discount. I know that there are still several more members that have not registered, and would still like to be able to take advantage of saving 25 Bucks!
So, I’ve decided to extend this discount for two more days! You now have until midnight, Friday, August 15th to register your salon entry, with images, and still receive this discount. But, after Friday, that’s it for the discount.
If your images are not quite ready, that’s okay. You can still register, with the images, and make changes a little later. Not a problem.
However, if you wait till Saturday to register, then your case fee will be the regular $85.Deadlines are now August 15th to save $25.00 and August 19th, final day to register online! ALL SALON ENTRIES MUST BE REGISTERED ONLINE! Registrations will not be accepted at the Convention. Of course, remember, you will still need to have your actual cases, with the images, at the Salon Room no later than 8:00AM Saturday morning, August 23rd.
Cases must be shipped by August 15th or hand-delivered on
August 23 by 7:59 AM. All entries must be registered on-line.  

Questions, problems, help: Tony Hopman , NancyBell Hamilton , Kirk Kief
Please provide your telephone number in the email.



How To Register Online
FPP Computer Logo Here’s How, and Where, to RegisterDetailed, easy to understand and follow Registration Instructions are here:
Registration Instructions 


Album Entries
Are you entering a Digital Album, or Albums, into salon this year? If so, then we need to ask you to mail a copy of your completed CD as soon as possible to Tony’s Studio (see address below).
This year, as you all know, you are now able to enter multiple Albums. The potential is pretty high that we could have an unprecedented number of Albums entered. By sending your Album CD to us ahead of time, this allows us to preload our computer with your images before we get to the Convention. The address to send your CD to is:
Tony’s Studio
5380 South Florida Ave.
Lakeland, Fl. 33813
Would you prefer to upload them instead? If so, send me an email and I’ll send you instructions.

This is for those entering Digital Albums, only!

Please, though, just for safety’s sake, and to defeat Murphy, still place another copy of your CDs in your case.
Remember, though, if you are entering a traditionally printed album, then this will not pertain to you. However, Printed Album makers still need to upload six of the pages with your registration. 

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Shipping of Entries Deadline Extended

The Deadline for the shipping of your cases has been extended. If you use UPS, which is highly recommended due to the speed, you now have until Friday, August 15th, to ship your cases. The address to ship to is:
Tony’s Studio
5380 South Florida Ave..
Lakeland, Fl. 33813
Shipping Airmail? Maybe give yourself a little extra time!


Video Critique
album Feedback is Essential!
This year, you can purchase a critique of the contents of your Salon Case. This is a wonderful way to learn what you did right, and what you could have improved on. The cost will only be $35 (additional $5 per album). To order this service, simply note your request on the entry form that will be emailed to you, and be sure to include this on your case fee payment.
The critique will take place on the digital files that you supply during registration.
As for Digital Albums, this will take place from the CD used for judging. If you are entering a Traditional Printed Album, and you want a critique, then we will need to ask you to supply a CD of your entire Album. This CD can be supplied to us with your case. HOWEVER, be sure to mark that CD that it is for ‘Critique Only’. If it is easier for you to upload that album to us, send me an email and I’ll supply an option for you.