The January TPPG Board Meeting minutes are now available:

Tallahassee Professional Photographers Guild Board Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2012


In Attendance: Robin Adams, Olyn Long, Christie Meresse, Eileen Walsh, AJ Abelera,

Shannon Black, Linda Long, Kylene Gay,CindyStrickland

Meeting Called to Order:  6:10 pm

      I.        Meeting Location

  • Shannonpresented several meeting place options – including the pros and cons of each.
    • Beef O’Bradys on Thomasville Rd. – Space is okay and no room fee.  They offer a variety of food and beverage.  We have had problems with booking and reserving the meeting space in the past.
    • Ray’s Steel City – The owner has agreed to let us use the space.  Space is spacious enough – We could have print completion in the spare room where they did the buffet for our holiday party.  Space has TV monitors that we may be able to use.  They can provide a limited menu.  We will need to find out about alcohol beverage service.  .
    • El Jalisco – Has space, but requires an 80 person minimum.
    • Summerbrooke Golf Course –Shannon has not heard back from them.
  • Cindywanted to talk about the availability of alcohol during the monthly meetings.  It was discussed that alcohol should be an available option for attendees, but we should not have a dedicated bartender.
  • Robin motioned that we have our monthly meetings at Ray’sSteelCityfor the next 3 months.  Linda seconded the motion.  A vote was taken – 7 in favor,Cindyopposed.
  • As for equipment – We have a tub of lights that can be used.  Olyn suggested that we get 3-4 additional lights.  Cindy/ Robin will continue to bring the screen just in case we are unable to use the TV monitors at Ray’s.

Action Items

  • Shannonto call Ray’s top confirm dates, define menu and find out about bar service.
  • The board will revisit using Ray’s sometime in March/April

    II.        Dues and Meeting Fees


  • The proposed membership fee for 2012 is a onetime fee of $149 for Active and Associate members and $99 for Students.  Fees for Salon and the annual holiday party will be separate.  We will look at doing away with a monthly meeting fee in favor of annual dues.
  • AJ felt that the $99 Student fee was too high and may be prohibitive in bringing in students as new members. We are also competing against the photography club inTallahasseefor new members.  They do not require any dues.
  • Cindymade a motion that we adopt the annual dues of $149 for professional members and $99 for students.  Christie seconded the motion.  Motion passed with 7 in favor, AJ opposed.
  • The Board reviewed Visitor Fees.  Several ideas and suggestions were discussed.  It was discussed that “Anyone who is not a member” can attend 1 meeting and pay $15.00.  We will also have a “Free Visit” for one month – February for potential members in order to increase membership.
    • Cindy commented that visitors should be able to come free.  This is the practice for the other chapters in the state.
    • Kylene suggested lowering the fee to $10.00
  • Olyn made the motion to adopt the $15.00 – one time visit policy. Shannonseconded the motion.  It was voted on and passed with 7 in favor,Cindyopposed.
  • The board reviewed the current definitions of Owner, Associate, Active and Student for memberships.
    • Cindysuggested that we change “Active” to “Professional”
  • Robin moved that the board change “Active” to “Professional. Shannonseconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Robin opened the floor for discussion of the definition of a “Student”.
    • Cindyread the FPP definition of a “Student” membership and Robin read the current TPPG definition.
  • Robin made the motion that  the board adopt the following definition:

An individual currently enrolled in a post-secondary school and can provide proof of current enrollment.  Student members may not vote on matters brought before the general membership, hold office or display the TPPG logo.  An individual may not maintain a student membership of more than one year.”

Olyn seconded the motion.  Motion was adopted unanimously

  • The Board agreed to table the discussion on a payment plan for membership dues.
  • Robin suggested that we consider setting up Square or PayPal for TPPG in order to take credit and debit cards.
    • Cindystated that there would a 2.8% fee per transaction and that some people may not feel comfortable with giving us credit cards to be run through a phone.
  • Kylene suggested that we charge a $5.00 convenience fee for anyone who uses a credit/debit card to pay their annual dues.
  • Linda made a motion that we set up Square for TPPG and charge a $5.00 convenience fee for members who pay their dues with credit/debit cards. Cindy2nd the motion.  Motion passed – 8 Yes / 0 No

Action Items

  • Eileen to sendCindythe new Student Membership definition toCindyfor membership collateral.
  • Robin will set up Square for TPPG and get with Christie to show her how to use it.

   III.        Bank Account and Debit Cards


  • Currently Linda, Robin and Lee are currently signatories on the Guild’s bank account.  Lee and Linda need to be removed and Olyn and Christie need to be added to the account.
  • Linda, Robin and Lee also currently hold debit cards.  Linda surrendered her card to Robin


Action Items

  • Robin to call Stan at Capital City Bank and change mailing address, remove Linda and Lee from account
  • Robin to get debit cards for Olyn and Christie
  • Christie and Olyn to go to the bank and sign on to account
  • Christie will get the checkbook from Lee

  IV.        Setting Up P. O. Box


  • The Board discussed the need for a P.O. Box for the Guild.  It was decided that there was no need for one at the present time.

   V.        Membership Drive


  • Cindyshared the lists of photographers she has received from Board members as well as a cumulative list of names from 2009.  She will be using these names to solicit membership.
  • Cindywill be putting together a flyer and sending an email with a statement of purpose to potential members.


Action Items


  • Cindywill report back to the Board as to how the membership drive is progressing.


  VI.        Monthly Print Competition


  • AJ reviewed his proposed changes and new rules for the monthly print competition and Salon.
    • The time line for entries will 6:30 p.m. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the Print Chair.  This is the same as in past years.
    • The print categories for 2012 monthly competitions and Salon are:

–       Portrait of a Man

–       Portrait of a Woman

–       Portrait of a Child

–       Portrait of a Group

–       Social

–       Commercial

–       Illustrative

–       Open

  • Digital Art, Digital Design, The World will be eliminated.  Albums will not be eligible for merit judging at Salon.
  • There will be a limit of 4 entries per photographer for monthly competition and up to 6 prints for Salon.
  • AJ made a motion to adopt the new categories and print limits.  Shannon 2nd the motion.  Motion passed unanimously 8 – 0.
  • We will continue to follow the FPP rules of competition and all print entries will be required to be no larger than 8 x 10.  We will also continue to charge members $5.00 if they do not enter a print.
  • AJ went over his recommendations for a new points system for monthly print competition, POTY and Salon.

–       1 pt for PoM

–       1 pt for Overall PoM

–       5 pts per Salon Merit

–       3 pts for 1st Place Overall in Salon

–       2 pts for 2nd Place Overall in Salon

–       1pt for 3rd Place Overall in Salon

Maximum Potential Points for Print of the Month – 5 per month or 50 for year

Maximum Potential Points for Salon – 36

Total Potential Points for Photographer of the Year – 86

  • AJ moved that the Board accept the new points system. Shannonseconded the motion.  Motion was unanimously passed by the board, 8 – 0

Action Items

  • AJ to prepare Print Competition Rules and send to the Board for review before they go out to the general membership.

 VII.        Meeting and Board Meeting Dates


  • Board and General Meeting Dates were proposed for the year.  Robin made a motion to adopt dates.  Olyn 2nd the motion.
  • Cindymade a motion that the date for the August Board meeting be moved from 8/14/12 to 8/20/12 to accommodate those Board members attending the FPP Convention.  Eileen 2nd the motion.   The following dates were accepted by the Board.


Board Meeting Dates

General Meeting Dates
























HolidayParty TBD


  • Robin has booked the meeting room at Atlanta Bread Company inMarket Squarefor all Board meetings
  1. VIII.        Speakers
  • We are trying to align our meeting dates to match withJacksonvilleandGainesvillein order to piggyback speakers.  We have been told thatGainesvilleis having financial challenges and will be looking at getting local speakers in order to keep costs down.  We have reached out toJacksonvillebut we have not heard back from them.
    • AJ has tried contacting Kevin Floyd, Rampfis Campiz, and Michael Joseph
    • Linda suggested trying to contact Damon Fecitt
  • Upcoming Speakers
    • January – Kevin and Katie Jiminez
    • February – Waiting to hear fromJacksonville, but Carrie Viohl has agreed

to speak if needed

  • March – TBD
  • April – TBD

  IX.        Notices to Members

  • Eileen will be responsible for emails to membership including meeting notices.  Eileen will also create speaker flyers
  • Notices to go out as soon as we confirm speakers, then 10 – 5 – 1 day(s) before meetings.  Kylene will update Facebook and Blog.  We can create events on our Facebook page to create interest and get a count of attendees.
  • Robin would like the Board to begin using Google Docs once again.

Action Items


  • Linda will reset the passwords for the Blog and Facebook
  • Olyn to get Google Docs active again and share link with the Board.

   X.        Welcome Packets

  • It was decided to continue doing welcome packets for the membership.  We will provide a Welcome Letter to members when they join with a list of information that is available on the blog.
  • We will follow up with information packets in PDF format via email.  Packets will contain:

–       Statement of Purpose

–       Code of Ethics

–       Meeting Dates

–       Print Competition Rules

  • Kylene will be responsible for ordering nametags for members. Cindywill pass on member information to Kylene as new members join.


Action Items

  • Cindywill draft a welcome letter for new members

  XI.        Budget


  • The Board reviewed what we currently have in the bank and what commitments are outstanding.  We also reviewed what our anticipated expenses will be in 2012.
    • Olyn suggested putting some money into savings.  There was some concern that we have a tight budget this year and no action was taken.
  • We will reimburse speakers $150.00.  They will be responsible for booking their own hotel.
  • Linda made a motion to budget $50 per delegate meeting for reimbursement for our chapter delegate.  Shannon 2nd the motion.  The motion passed 8 Yes – 0 No.

 XII.        Surveys

  • Robin will do quarterly surveys of the membership


  1. XIII.        Adjournment


  • Cindymade a motion that the January TPPG Board meeting be adjourned.  AJ 2nd the motion.  Motion was passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm

Next Board Meeting:


The February TPPG Board meeting will be held on February 15th, 2012 at 6:00 pm at Atlanta Bread Company.