Present:  Cindy, Olyn, Linda, Robin, Kylene, Lewis, and AJ. Meeting called to order at 6:15 p.m.

Treasurer Report :   Lewis gave the Salon report, we took a net loss of about $160 on Salon.  Cindy asked the Board to please ask Lewis for checks that they need rather than assume that Lewis will write the checks, i.e. checks for speakers. 

Membership report:  Gentry wasn’t present, but report was distributed.  We had 25 attendees at June’s meeting.  She is still working on getting sales tax numbers from members who were in question.  She will update the blog by July 13th with the current members. 

Secretary:  Robin will need to file the Articles for 2010.  AJ received a notice from Division of Corporations that TPPG will be dissolved if the annual report is not filed by September 17th.  Robin will renew on-line and get a check from Lewis. 

Service Award for FPP:  Cindy asked the Board to nominate someone for the FPP Service Award. A list of TPPG members who are FPP members was discussed and nominations were submitted by secret ballot to the President as follows:







Cindy will e-mail the absent board members (Gentry and Gina) and ask for their nominations.   Once the votes are counted, Cindy will submit the winner to FPP for presentation of the award at Convention in August.     

Seargant at Arms:  Olyn reported that he has talked to someone at Beef’s about us not coming in June for the meeting.  Olyn confirmed with Beef’s each of our meeting dates for the rest of the year. Olyn will confirm again with Beef’s that we will have the space for November (there was a question about their availability for November).

July meeting:  Olyn asked the Board to be at Bradley’s at 5 p.m. to set up and reminded the board that we will need to stay late to clean up.  Linda will order Sonny’s and we will need RSVP’s.   Prices are $7.69 if they deliver (including desert), $6.99 a person if we pick it up.  The Board agreed that we will ask them to deliver everything.  Linda moved that we charge $10 for the meal with an RSVP be required by Tuesday the 20th,  AJ seconded the motion, motion passed.  Members will be offered the option to opt out of paying $10 and eating, or can bring their own.  The meeting fee remains at $15 and $20 for visitors.

To Do: 

  • Robin will pick up 6 plastic table cloths for 8 foot round tables.
  • Cindy will bring ice for drinks for drinks.  
  • Linda will e-mail Matt and ask him for bio information and some images for the program.  She will also ask his thoughts on images for the models.
  • Linda will order Sonny’s.  The menu is pulled pork, baked beans, mac n’ cheese, salad bread, tea and brownies. 


Programs for the rest of 2010:  Robin and Linda will begin working on the rest of the year.  

Photographer of the Year Standings:

Damon:  1

Gina:  16

Eileen:  11

Terri:  8

Olyn:  36

Tony: 1

Kylene:  20

Lori: 3

Cindy: 19

Judy: 1

Robin: 4

Mary Beth:  2

Carol:  2

Lewis: 1

AJ: 15

Gentry: 1

Tammy: 13

Lee:  22

Salon Review:  AJ said that he thought the dry erase boards were a good idea, but the cards were better in the end.  Cindy reviewed check in, she said she thought it went very smoothly, Linda and Robin agreed. Linda said there were a lot of questions about what categories prints should go in and members asked for help naming prints.  Next year we may want someone other than the Salon Manager standing by to help with that.  Presentation was good, Linda said they got very hot behind the curtain, there was no air flow.  The computer system was good to keep scores, Cindy was also writing down the scores, the Board agreed that having a laptop and printer there was a great system. The spreadsheet is saved to Robin’s laptop with formulas for use next year. Linda said that Martin was a good moderator, but that he shouldn’t have been anywhere near the prints before the judging began, as he may have had to judge more prints.  Linda stated that next year the Salon Manager should be in the room with the judges and the moderator when the awards were given, regardless if the Salon Manager’s prints are being considered.  Olyn reported that things on his end went very smoothly, he was very happy with Golden Eagle. Lewis wished that the prints could have been displayed for closer inspection by the members. He said it was hard to see them from the audience.  Discussion about how to remedy that, the Board agreed that we should expand Salon next year to be a half or ¾ day event.  Possible timeline discussed was having it on Sunday as follows:

Prints checked at mid-day to early afternoon.

Judging for 2 – 3 hours.

Break for dinner with members.

Critique during regular meeting hours


Blog:   Robin will send an e-mail to members and ask for merit images to be e-mailed to Cindy and/or Robin no later than Monday July 19th for posting on the blog.  Images must be no larger than 600×900 pixels.  Cindy will post print of the month winners from April to current; Linda to forward them to Cindy this week. 

Survey Results:  Kylene gave the report on May’s meeting at Long Horn’s with Carry Viohl.  Topic was relevant: 13/14.  Interesting:  14/14.  Educational: 14/14.  Location: 9/14.  Meal: Wonderful: 5/14, Pretty Tasty: 5/14 pretty tasty. 12 out of 14 surveys turned in entered prints.  Comments were:  “Yay, glad I joined.  Too much money for dinner. Loved Carrie.  Still need more critique of prints.  Great speaker, great energy. 

Door Prizes:  Kylene has an updated list of items and asked for items from Board Members.  From Robin:  one of the companies who has donated door prizes asked to attend as a guest without a guest fee if he is donating over $100 in products.  Discussion about how to handle such requests.  Linda moved that we waive the meeting fee and if he would like to join he certainly can, he can visit once.  Further discussion about future requests and the board agreed that it would be discussed on a case-by-case basis. An idea was floated to have thank you notes printed for the members to sign to send to the companies to show them their appreciation.   The Board will revisit later.

Bylaws:  Bylaws were amended to include Proxy voting. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:56 p.m.