Here are the TPPG Board Meeting Minutes for July:  



Present:  Robin Adams, Olyn Long, Christie Meresse, Cindy Strickland, Linda Long, AJ Abellara, Kylene Gay.  Absent:  Shannon Black, Eileen Walsh

July Board meeting minutes were approved.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:   $6,303 in our account.  Took in $767.71 in case fees and dinner, spent $1,214.65, total loss of $446.82.  Expenses were:
    1. $450 to judges
    2. $100 for monitor rental
    3. $593.80 to Golden Eagle
    4. $70.79 to Awards 4 U (awards)
  1. Membership Report:
  1. New Members  – No new members in June
  2. Membership drive in Fall – Cindy will be contacting people who she thinks may want to join and let them know dues are 50% off.  Cindy feels that nothing formal needed for a drive.
  3. Membership dues are now 50% off ($74.50). Information will be included in this month’s e-mail.  ACTION ITEM: Cindy will get language to Eileen.
  1. Secretary Report – Eileen was absent, no report.
  1. Print Competition
  1. Points standings- AJ is in first with 30 points; Cindy in second place with 18 points, Christie and Terri are tied for 3rd with 15 points each.  Points standings attached.


  1. Art Show:  Kylene has talked to Ann at LeMoyne and nailed down the details. Kylene would like all the participating artists pay a $25 ‘case fee’.  She also proposed that members donate a bottle of wine. Cindy proposed that we spend money to promote good photography to the public and thus the guild pay some of the costs rather than each photographer have to pay a case fee.  Cindy moved that the Guild set a budget of $300 for purchase of wine, printing of programs and whatever other expenses that are incurred.  Linda seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Robin asked that a committee be formed and details be nailed down before the Guild meeting on July 26th.   ACTION ITEM: Kylene will send a proposed e-mail to the board and the e-mail will be sent by Robin to members and prospective members.
  1. IRS tax filing – Christie reported that the IRS filing is only an issue if it’s not filed every three years, but Christie will file it this year just to be certain we’re covered.
  1. Salon Review
  1. Section Prints  – Cindy moved that the images represented at state for our local section be chosen by the highest scores for our local salon, AJ seconded the motion.  Olyn pointed out that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places weren’t necessarily the 3 highest scores. Discussion about whether Terri Smith and Christie would be an FPP member and would compete. Vote carried, all was in favor.  Therefore, the top scoring prints are by: Robin Adams, Christie Meresse, Terri Smith and Linda Long; with Cindy Strickland being an alternate if any of the top four makers aren’t able to enter State Salon.
  2. What worked, what didn’t

i.    23 people attended, 5 of which were guests.

ii.    Cindy reported that taking in digital prints went very well.  It was a lot of work to set up all the forms and DropBox, but on the back end, very, very easy.

iii.    Some glitches in print submissions, i.e., names didn’t match, the grey box wasn’t utilized correctly, but were all very easy to manage.

iv.    Set up at Golden Eagle was very quick and easy. All agreed that having Kylene at the projector was fantastic.

v.    All systems worked really well, all went smoothly.

vi.    Check in and taking money was very easy with it being digital.

vii.    Cindy went to Central Florida for an FPP Board meeting and was able to pick up Jackson Koontz’s monitor on the way home and Robin was able to take it back to him on the way to Deland.  No money had to be paid by the guild for gas.

  1. Awards at July meeting – Wasn’t enough time to write out all the certificates that night, so all will be presented at the July Guild meeting.
  2. Points standings – see above.
  3. Salon in 2013 (briefly)

i.    Consider microphones for the judges

ii.    Judge earlier in the day and have critique with dinner or shortly after dinner.

iii.    Next year’s Board should look at taking case fees and dinner payments on-line so no money has to be handled at the meeting at all.

iv.    Ensure in 2013 that judges and moderator understand that we won’t be booking rooms for them.


  1. Speakers
    1. July –  Robin e-mailed Keely Deuschle, she’s not available; waiting to hear back from Michael Joseph. Eddie Tapp – speaking in Jax all day July 25th.  Keely suggested Olis Garber. ACTION ITEM:  Robin to follow up with Rick Brewer (Marketing to Brides) and Olis Garber. Linda will speak at a meeting, but would like to have 2 merits.
    2. August – Steve Metz is set
    3. November –   Enrique Munoz –Olyn will confirm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

Salon 2012 POINTS