Present:  Cindy, Olyn, Linda, Robin, Gentry, Lewis, and AJ.  Meeting called to order at 6 p.m.

Treasurer Report :  Cindy asked for Linda’s receipts:

3 16×20 boards for $24.20 each

250 business cards   $30

Whitehouse:  $102.60

Reimbursement checks to be written to Board Members, including Robin, Olyn, Linda, and Gina.  The Board reviewed spreadsheets from Cindy showing money that has come in this year-to-date and expenses year-to-date.    Checkbooks and all files and receipts were given to Lewis for him to take over as Treasurer for the rest of 2010.

Membership:  There were 9 new members in May. Gentry reported that from now on, visitors will sign in on a sign-in sheet.  Gentry will send e-mails to the members that don’t have a tax ID numbers; there are a good many members that didn’t fill it out the forms completely.  Members who are slow to respond may need to be called and the Board will split up that list and follow up with them.

Gentry pointed out that nobody has been formally approved, she read in the following names for approval as students.  AJ confirmed:

Judy Dougherty

Wayne Wilson

Eileen Walsh

Tammy Cotton

Katrice Brown – discussion about her status as a photographic student.  Gentry will ask for her class schedule to prove that she’s in the graphic design or photographic program.

Shannon Black

Carol Fulmer

The Board voted to approve 2010 members by motion by Olyn Long.  Linda Long seconded, the motion passed to approve the following:

Robin Adams

Gentry Billingsley

Kylene Gay

Cindy Strickland

Gina Weaver

Dean Duggar

Olyn Long

Linda Long

Terri Smith

Erin Newhall

Damion Dunlap

Christie Meresse

Lori McCoy

AJ Abellera

Lewis Johnson

Questionable entry forms or missing forms to be researched:

Ron Gardner

Trish Cox

Ben Cox

Discussion about what Membership manages and what the Treasurer manages.  Lewis likes the system where he checks everyone in and takes in the money to cut down on members having to see three people at each meeting.  Cindy pointed out that the checks and balances system requires that Lewis take in the money but that they also see Gentry to avoid all questions about money paid, etc.  Gentry can then also verify that the member’s information is correct.  Gentry will take care of attendance records, new member applications and visitor check in. 

Blog:  Gentry to update the blog with members, Robin to update with new Board, Linda to update with Print of the Month images. 

Print competition:  Cindy talked to Anthony about his print that won the digital category in May.  He admitted that he might have entered the same print in January and since he wasn’t aware he had won, admitted that he shouldn’t win May’s category again.  Therefore Tammy Cotton won Digital Art in May.

Winners from May:

Man:   AJ

Woman:  Eileen

Child:  Robin

Group:  Kylene

Commercial : Kylene

Open:  Gina

Challenges:  Eileen

Digi Art:  Tammy Cotton

Social Function:  Terri

Environmental:  Terri

Overall POTM:  Terri


Damion 1

Gina  4

Eileen:  5

Terri:  8

Olyn :  7

Tony: 1

Kylene:  8

Lori:  3

Cindy:  4

Judy 1

Robin:  4

Mary Beth:  2

Carol:  2

Lewis:  1

AJ:  3

Gentry:  1

Tammy:  1

Salon:  The Board should arrive to set up at 4 p.m.  Board should go ahead and check in our prints so that will be done before members arrive. 

Mikes for the judges to wear: AJ

Two competition lights:  Linda and Olyn; AJ will bring his as backup. 

Backdrop: Cindy

Backdrop stands:  Cindy and Linda

Easels: Robin and Cindy

Meter: Linda

Tape measure: Cindy

Extra entry forms: Linda

Ribbons and plaques:  Linda

Boards and Erasers: AJ

Markers: Cindy 

Scoring Excel Spreadsheet and laptop:  Robin

Tape:  Linda

Gloves: Linda

Paper score sheet:  Cindy

General timeline:

Print check in and member check in: 6 to 6:30

Salads at 6:30

Dinner at 7 p.m.

Judging to begin at 7:30

Linda to send contract and intro letter to Brenda, Robin to send to AL and Brenda. 

July Meeting:  Linda asked the Board to brainstorm for models for the safari.  Robin is to get plastic table cloths for round tables. Discussion about asking for RSVP’s, the board agreed that we need them.  Linda is researching catering options.

August Meeting:  Linda and Olyn will do their work flow program. 

Survey Results:  Gina and Kylene weren’t present, they will deliver the survey results next month. 

Notebooks:  Cindy asked everyone to please prepare their notebooks for 2010 to pass along to the board for 2011.

Bylaws:  The Board agreed that we need to form a committee to work on the Bylaws.  AJ agreed to work on the committee.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.