Here are the TPPG Board Meeting Minutes for June:

June 2012 TPPG Board Meeting Minutes

  In Attendance: Eileen, Kylene, Robin, AJ, Christie, Cindy, Shannon, Olyn and Linda

  Meeting was called to order at 6:08 pm on June 19th, 2012

  • May Board Meeting Minutes were approved by the Board.

I. Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report

  • Christie reported the current balance as $6847.64
  • Deposit
    • $219.00 – (1 membership, No Competition Print fees, FPP reimbursement)
    •  Debits
      • Awards – ($70.79)
      • FPP Dues – ($99.00)
      • Speaker Fee – ($150.00)
      • Speaker Dinner – ($16.43)
  • Christie has not been able to find information and the card for the IRS Non-Profit filing.  She has contacted Lee and he has no information.  Linda said to look on the IRS website.

 b. Membership Report

  • Cindy did not bring the report from last month.  She will email it to the board tomorrow.
  • One new member last month – Kellie McLanahan
  • Cindy will send Eileen an updated membership roster with emails.
  • At this time there is no need to order any member name tags.
  • The Board decided to table the discussion of a fall membership drive.

c. Secretary’s Report

  • Eileen stated that she had confirmation from Kay Newsome that she had received our Board’s ballots for the FPP Service award as well as the 2012 Florida Not for Profit Corporate filing and the roster of guild members who also FPP members.
  • Eileen reminded the Board that the meeting room at Sakura is not available in July for our Board meeting.
    • The July meeting will be at Kylene’s studio at 6pm on July 17th. – BYO F&B!

d. Print Competition

  • AJ reported on the current ranking for Photographer of the Year:
  1. AJ – 9 points
  2. Terri – 5 points
  3. TIED – Kylene – 4 points

           Linda – 4 points

           Gina – 4 points

  • Shannon will call El Jalisco to remind them we will not be there in June  due to Salon

II. Old Business


  1. Art Show
  • Kylene is meeting with the Lemoyne staff on Thursday to work out details for the show.
  • Robin stated that a committee needs to be formed
  • Kylene suggested that in order to offset costs ask guild members to donate a bottle of wine for the exhibition reception.  We could start this in July.
  1. IRS Tax Filing
  • We need to file the Not-for-Profit card ASAP.  (See Treasurer’s Report remarks)


III. New Business


  1. FPP
  • As stated earlier, votes for the FPP service awards and section dues have been received by Kay Newsome.


  1. Speakers
  • June – Salon
  • July
    • Greg Daniels is not available for July
    • Bruce Wilson Jr. is unavailable for 2012, but has agreed to speak in 2013.
    • Phil Scarsbrook is available in the fall.  Should look to have him do a 1 day seminar.
    • Olyn will reach out to Enrique Munoz
    • August – Steve Metz is confirmed
    • September – Open
    • October – Open
    • November – Open
  1. Salon


  • RSVPs
    • Cindy said she has received only a few RSVPs for Salon.  Robin asked each member of the Board to put something on Facebook letting friends know about Salon.
    • Cindy will send out a reminder to the membership about Salon.
  • Print Submissions
    • Currently there are no case submissions.  Cut off is Thursday, 6/21/12 at 11:59pm.
    • Linda asked about extending the cutoff until next Monday or Tuesday. 
    • The Board discussed the pros and cons of extending the cutoff.
    • Cindy moved to extend the print submission cutoff date to Monday, June 25th at 11:59 pm with a $10 extension fee.  Linda seconded the motion.  The motion passed 8 – Yes/ 1- No (AJ).
  • Awards, Ribbons, Certificates
    • Award plaques for Best in Show, 2nd and 3rd place have been ordered
    • Shannon said there are plenty of the purple merit ribbons and also some white ribbons.  All are in good condition.
    • Cindy stated that the plan is to create a certificate of participation for each photographer who enters a case.  The ribbons for any merits earned could be attached to the certificate.  The Salon Committee is still working out the details.
    • Linda asked if we were going to use the white ribbons this year.  She said that in the past, they were used to award the Judges’ Choice in each category.  The Salon Committee will make a decision on this prior to Salon.
    • Olyn made a motion that at the end of the year, TPPG will award Photographer of the Year, 2nd Place and 3rd Place.  Cindy seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Posting of Images
    • AJ will post all merit prints immediately after Salon.  Since we will not have business logos, we will just use the maker’s names
  • Set-Up
    • AJ said they will begin set-up around 12p.m. on Thursday.  He anticipates that it will go quickly.

   VI. Meeting Adjourned

  • Christie moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 p.m.  Shannon seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.


2012 TPPG Membership and Attendance

As of May



New Members


With Prints

Total Attendees

Total Attendance




































*We start every year with our 4 Lifetime Members