The May 2012 TPPG Board meeting minutes are now available.

May 2012 TPPG Board Meeting Minutes

  In Attendance: Robin, Eileen, Kylene, Shannon, AJ and Christie

 Absent:  Linda, Olyn, Cindy

 Meeting was called to order at 6:17 pm on May 15, 2012

 I. April Board Meeting Minutes were approved by the Board.

 II. FPP Service Award

a. Ballots due to Kay Newsome by June 1st.

  • Board to vote by secret ballot.
  • Ballots to be placed in an envelope and sealed.
  • Christie submitted Cindy’s ballot on her behalf
  • Eileen to contact Olyn and Linda to get their ballots
  • Eileen will mail ballots to Kay.

III. Reports

a. Secretary’s Report

  • Eileen had nothing to report.

b. Treasurer’s Report

  • Christie reported the current balance as $6964.86.
  • The checks for Florida School and El Jalisco processed.
  • FPP Dues were discussed and Christie agreed to work with Cindy to get the check sent to Kaye Newsome by the June 1st deadline.
  • Christie will need to check for a postcard for Non-Profit Status and get it submitted.

 c. Membership Report

  • Christie gave the Membership report on behalf of Cindy:  
  • We had 26 members and 6 visitors in attendance for the April meeting.
  • Ursula Page was missing as a guest from the membership list and needs to be added.
  • Kylene seconded the motion
  • Motion passed – 6 yes/ 0 no
  • Eileen made the motion to reduce membership dues for the 2nd half of the year, beginning in July to $74.50 (50%).

d. Print Competition

  • AJ reported on point rankings for PoY:
  • AJ – 6 points
  • Terri – 5 points
  • Kylene – 4 points
  • Shannon will contact El Jalisco to confirm that we have the space every month for our meetings.  She will also make sure they know that they are aware that we will not be there next month.
  • AJ will remind G about his offer prior to the Guild’s meeting next Thursday.
  • Shannon stated that G, the manager at El Jalisco said he would donate a $25.00 gift card for the monthly overall print competition winner.

IV. Salon

  • Robin stated that in order to participate in Salon, entrants must be a member in good standing of TPPG before the May 24th meeting.

a. Monitor

  • AJ reported that Jackson Koontz has agreed to rent us the monitor that he won at the FPP Convention for $100.00.
  • AJ said that we will need to travel to Ocala to pickup/drop off the monitor
  • We will not be able to get the monitor until the Monday or Tuesday before Salon,
  • The motion is being tabled until AJ speaks with Jackson and Lewis.
  • AJ asked about a travel stipend for gas he will use to travel twice to and from Ocala.
  • Shannon made a motion that we approve a travel reimbursement for the trips to Ocala.

b. Registration/Fees

  • Robin asked about the registration process for Salon and suggested using WuFoo to create an online registration form.
  • Robin to provide Cindy with information and directions on using WuFoo
  • AJ stated that has not been worked out yet.  The Salon Committee still needs to work out some details.
  • How are we collecting registration and case fees?

c. Venue and Responsibilities


  • The Salon Committee defined and assigned the following responsibilities for Salon:
  • Cindy or Olyn – Pro-Select
  • Robin and Eileen – Scorekeeping
  • Christy and Cindy – Registration and Case Fees
  • AJ and Lewis – Salon set-up
  • Kylene and Robin – Greeters
  • Robin will contact Michelle at Golden Eagle to request that we have access to the room beginning at 12:00pm
  • AJ would like to begin setting the meeting room up around 1pm on June 28th
  • AJ stated that as of now we have confirmed Kevin Newsome and Fred Brinson to judge the competition.  We are still looking for one more judge and a moderator.

d. Print Submissions

  • The Salon Committee is meeting on Thursday to finalize the submission process.
  • AJ and Kylene reviewed the proposed Salon Rules.  The Board discussed some additions and changes.
  • The Salon Committee will revise the rules and send them out to the Board for review.
  • Robin to provide Cindy with instructions for using Dropbox
  • Shannon seconded the motion
  • Motion passed – 6 Yes/ 0 No
  • Christie seconded the motion
  • Motion was passed – 6 Yes / 0 No
  • Prints will be submitted to Cindy via “Dropbox”
  • Eileen made a motion to the cutoff date for submitting prints from June 14th to June 21st.
  • Kylene read the proposed print categories.  There was some discussion by the Board as to some changes.
  • AJ moved that the Board adopt the FPP print categories with the proposed changes.

e. Member Notification

  • Robin asked the Salon Committee how and when we were going to send the information about Salon to the members.  She is concerned that we are 5 weeks out and there are a lot of things that still need to be finalized.
  • Once the Salon Committee has confirmed all event details a notice is to be sent to Eileen by Monday so she can send it out to the membership.


f. Misc

  • AJ made a motion to have Awards 4 U do the plaques for Salon Best in Show, 1st and 2nd place. $300 has been budgeted for the plaques.
  • Christie seconded the motion
  • Motioned passed – 6 Yes/ 0 No
  • The Salon Committee will order and pick up awards

     V. Old Business

    a. Art Show

  • Kylene reviewed the results from the member survey that was sent out regarding the interest in having a show. Overall the results were positive.
  • Kylene made a motion to host a TPPG Art Show at LeMoyne from August 31st – September 7th Christie seconded the motion
  • Motioned passed – 6 Yes/ 0 No
  • Kylene will contact LeMoyne and confirm that we have the dates.
  • A committee will be formed, headed by Kylene, to work on the Art show.

   VI. Meeting Adjourned

  • Kylene moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:14 p.m.  Shannon seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.