The TPPG Board Meeting minutes are now available.November 2012 TPPG Board Meeting Minutes
In Attendance: Linda, Olyn, Eileen, AJ, Robin, Kylene, Cindy, Christie
Absent: Shannon
Meeting was called to order at 6:09 pm on November 7th, 2012
I. Reports
a. Membership Report
• Cindy did not have the October report.

b. Secretary’s Report
• Eileen presented the Board with meeting minutes from October.
o Christie noted that there needs to be a decimal, not a comma in the TPPG bank balance. Eileen will make correction.
o Board approved both sets of minutes.
a. Treasurer’s Report
• Christie will email the report to the board.

c. Secretary’s Report
• Eileen presented the Board with meeting minutes from August and September.
o Board approved both sets of minutes.
d. Print Competition
• AJ reviewed the top 3 photographers YTD
o 1st – AJ
o 2nd (Tied) – Linda and Christie
o 3rd – Cindy

e. Delegate’s Report
• Robin gave a recap of the FPP Delegates meeting
o Fred Brinson is the new delegate for Lakeland
o Looking at updating the FPP Magazine
 2 issues will be electronic
o Robin got some information on a website called
 A tool to help build stronger non-profit boards
 Robin to email info out to the Board
o Jen Turner’s class at Florida School has been canceled.
 Possible replacement: The Powers
o Cindy talked about the FPP Fall Seminar
 Speaker was outstanding

II. Old Business

a. Misuse of TPPG Logo
• As of yet letters have not been sent to those area photographers who are using the TPPG logo on their websites without being current members.
o There is some concern about fallout from sending the letter and how TPPG would enforce the request should the non-member photographers fail to comply.
o The Board agreed to proceed with sending the letter.
o Robin said she would ask Shannon to proceed with drafting a letter for the Board to review prior to sending it out.

b. Speakers
• The speaker for November is Kevin Floyd
• December – No Speaker due to the Holiday Party.
• January – TBD
• Possible list of speakers for 2013
o Lisa Hatcher
o Fred Brinson
o Sandra Shaw Pierce

c. Holiday Party
• Eileen, Kylene and Christie reported out as to their findings and recommendations for the holiday party.
o Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 – 6pm to 10pm

o The Space at Feather Oaks – $300.00
 We will have access to the room at 5:30 pm for set up

o Katie’s Catering – $25.00 pp
 Katie to provide dinner, dessert, plates, serving ware, plastic ware and staff

o Alcohol
 TPPG to purchase beer and wine
 Hire server to dispense drinks
 Attendees will purchase cups for drinks
 $ 5.00 cups – Cup and 1 drink
 $10.00 cups – Bottomless Cup
 Personalized Plastic 8 oz cups $55.00
 Beer and Wine $250.00

o Holiday Music/ DVD Grab Bag
 Wrap up your favorite holiday CD or movie DVD and bring it to the party for a grab bag exchange!

o Invitations
 E-Vites
 Website
 Facebook

• Still some questions as to whether or not we will need insurance for the event.
o The Board discussed the option of buying event insurance.
o Christie will look into different policies
o Olyn made a motion to budget up to $500 for the event insurance.
AJ seconded the motion. The motion carried – 8 Yes/ 0 No

d. Bylaws /2013 Officers and Board

• The revised TPPG By-Laws and the 2013 slate of TPPG Board Members have not been approved as of yet.
o There were not enough members at the October meeting to vote.
o Robin will present the bylaws and ballots for the 2013 Board at next week’s general membership meeting.

III. New Business

VI. Meeting Adjourned
• Christie moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:26 p.m. Olyn seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.