Here are the TPPG Board Meeting Minutes for September:

September 2012 TPPG Board Meeting Minutes

  In Attendance: Eileen, Kylene, Robin, AJ, Christie, Cindy, Shannon, Olyn  

Meeting was called to order at 6:14 pm on September 18th, 2012

  • August Board Meeting Minutes were not approved by the Board.  Eileen will send them out to the Board prior to next meeting.

I. Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report

  • Christie reported the current balance is $5,775.15
  • Deposit
    • $174.50 – ( AJ’s Salon Fee, FPP reimbursement)
    •  Debits
      • $370.00
        • 2 Speakers’ meals
        • $150.00 Speaker’s Fee


  • Christie reported that the IRS Tax filing has been done.

 b. Membership Report

  • Cindy did not bring the August report.  She will email it to the Board.
  • One new member last month
  • Cindy will send Eileen an updated membership roster with emails.


c. Secretary’s Report

  • Eileen is very late in sending out last month’s Board meeting minutes and will send them to the Board via email for approval.

d. Print Competition

  • AJ reported on the current ranking for Photographer of the Year:
  1. AJ – 34 pts.
  2. Linda – 20 pts.
  3. Cindy – 19 pts


  • Shannon will call El Jalisco to remind them we will not be there in June  due to Salon


II. Old Business


  1. Art Show
  • Kylene reported that the LeMoyne Art Show was a great success.  LeMoyne was very happy with us.
  • We came in under budget for the event.
    • $240.00 in expenses ( $300.00 budget)
    • $50.95 for printing costs
    • 16 Guild members submitted images
    • 82 visitors on opening night
    • Kylene is still awaiting the final total on the amount raised from the silent auction.



III. New Business


  1. New Monthly Meeting Location


  • Robin stated her concern about how noisy El Jalisco was during last month’s Guild meeting.  It was very distracting and disruptive to the presenter (Steve Metz)
  • Shannon will contact El Jalisco to discuss noise concerns.
  • The Board agreed that if the noise is an issue for our next meeting we will look at moving.
  • Eileen and AJ will bring a mic and speaker for Keely to use for her presentation.


  1. Speakers
  • September – Keely Deuschle is confirmed for our next meeting.  Robin has already sent out the meeting announcement.
  • October – Open
    • Cindy will contact Sandra Pearce to see if she can speak at October’s meeting
    • AJ to reach out to Darryl Jarmon about being a speaker in October or November.
    • Enrique Munoz is iffy for this year.


c.    Holiday Party

  • Eileen reported that the committee met and came up with a list of venues and a selection of dates.


  • The Space at Feather oaks
  • Ray’s Steel City
  • Golden Eagle
  • Bucco de Beppo
  • The Front Porch


  • Eileen asked if the Board had a budget in mind.
  • Robin asked the committee to come back with a recommendation with the costs and the Board would review it at the next meeting.
  • If we use a location that does not have alcohol service, we will need to provide a bartender/server and alcohol.
  • Robin suggested we have a slideshow with all POM winners and category winners.


d.    Unauthorized Use of TPPG logo

  • It was recently discovered that a couple of local area photographers, who are no longer members of the Guild are using the TPPG name/logo on their websites.
  • Robin stated that this was a misrepresentation and improper use.
  • Shannon will write a cease and desist letter to these photographers to ask them to remove the logos.


e.    Bylaws

  • Robin and the Bylaws Committee began reviewing the changes that they have recommended to the bylaws made so far.
  • The Board began discussions on the changes. 
  • It was decided that the Bylaws Committee will meet again to finish updating the bylaws then present them to the Board at the next meeting.


e.    General Membership Business Meeting

  • We will hold our general membership Business meeting in November
  • Bylaws and 2013 Board will be voted on at the meeting
  • A special meeting notice will be sent out to all members.



   VI. Meeting Adjourned

  • Shannon moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:39 p.m.  Cindy seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned.