The TPPG Board met on September 14, 2009 at Wayne Denmark’s studio.  Present were: AJ Abellera, Martin Gudz, Cindy Strickland, Robin Adams, Wayne Denmark, Ron Gardner, Frank Feliciano, Kathy Bircham and Linda Long.  The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm.

Treasurer’s Report: The guild spent $272.50 for food at the August meeting and after paying $122 to reincorporate with the state, we have a balance of roughly $2,400.

Membership: 17 members attended the August meeting, with three new members joining.

Delegate’s Report: October 4th is the next FPP Delegate’s meeting.  Martin can no longer be the delegate for TPPG, as he has been elected to the FPP board.  Cindy will attend the October meeting and a new delegate will be selected for next year.

Programs: Estal will be speaking at the September meeting, October is slated to be Marty Grivchak with a program on Lightroom, November is potentially Randy van Dienem and December is the holiday party.

The party committee presented options for the location including Dorothy B. Oven Park, the Brokaw McDougal House, Gill’s Tavern, Marie Livingston’s steak house and Julie’s Place.  Linda  motioned to have the holiday party at Julie’s Place on December 17th.  Martin seconded the motion.  After discussion of cost, amount of coordination and dates, the board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

Old Business:

Surveys were handed out to the members who attended the August meeting.  The feedback was very positive and the board plans to continue handing out the written surveys at each meeting so we may better serve the membership.

An electronic survey was prepared by Robin to be emailed to everyone on the distribution list.  The electronic survey covers more long range items such as the cost and location of the meetings, the speaker and food selections, etc.  The board will be reviewing the draft survey over the next week so it may be sent to members before the September meeting.

Cindy motioned for the Guild to secure a PO Box at a local UPS location so there is one central mail location that can stay with the Guild.  By having that at a UPS store, the Guild can also have a physical address so all state tax filings can be sent there as well.  Martin Gudz seconded the motion and it passed without opposition.

Photographer of  The Year:

Frank motioned to allow Linda’s points from the multi-maker albums at salon be counted in full towards the photographer of the year competition.  Cindy seconded the motion.  Martin and Wayne abstained from voting, all others voted in favor of the motion.

Wayne requested a full month by month breakdown of all points awarded for Photographer of the Year.

Frank motioned (Ron seconded) to accept the February standings as:

Child- Wayne

Woman- Wayne

Man- Wayne

Social Function- Linda

Environmental- Martin

Open- Linda

Commercial- AJ

Retouching- Martin

Overall Print of the Month- Wayne

All present members voted in favor.

Print of the Month:

Ron motioned that multi-maker albums entered in Print of the Month that win the album category have the Photographer of the year points split between the makers.  Frank seconded the motion.  Following discussion, Ron withdrew his motion.

Frank motioned to adopt all FPP rules for POTM competition.  Ron seconded the motion.  After discussion, Ron voted in favor of the motion, all others were opposed.

Martin made a motion that the album category retroactively award multimaker albums each a portion of the POTY points.  Frank seconded the motion.  Martin voted in favor, Robin, Frank, Linda and Cindy voted in opposition.  Wayne and Kathy abstained.

Frank motioned to give both makers of a multimaker album full credit for POTY retroactively for 2009.  Ron seconded.  Frank, Ron, Robin and Linda voted in favor, Martin voted in opposition and Kathy and Wayne abstained.

Martin motioned to count multimaker album POTY points in full for the rest of 2009.  Ron seconded.  Kathy and Wayne abstained, all others voted in favor.

Martin motioned to ajourn, Wayne seconded.  Passed unopposed and the meeting adjourned at 9:02pm