The meeting was called to order at 7pm.  Present were Aj Alberra, Cindy Strickland, Linda Long, Robin Adams, Martin Gudz, Frank Feliciano, Ron Gardner and Wayne Denmark.


SARGEANT AT ARMS: Cindy motioned and Linda seconded, Frank will contact the caterer and email options to the board.  Board members must reply with their vote no later than Friday.  The motion passed unopposed.

TREASURER: Currently the guild has $1900 in the account, and we broke even at the last meeting.

MEMBERSHIP: Currently the guild has 26 paid members.

PRINT OF THE MONTH: Linda motioned and Cindy seconded that the Overall Print of the Month winner will be critiqued at the meeting.  The motion passed unopposed.

SALON: TPPG Salon will be heldon March 26th at 6pm at the Keller Williams Office.  There will be a $15 case fee.

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR: The Board reopened old business to address concerns about the photographer of the year point system.  Martin made a motion and Cindy seconded to amend the point system to remove the 30 points for meriting at FPP, PPA or SEPPA.  The motion passed unopposed.

Wayne made a motion and Robin seconded that the points system will not be reopenend in 2009.  The motion passed unopposed.

The meeting adjourned at 9pm.