We have another great seminar planned for all our members!
Krystal Radlinski will be here with her program : “Deconstructing Design: a short course in album badassery”

Here are all the details:
Date: November 17, 2011
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: One Fresh Stir Fry in Market Square
Deconstructing Design: a short course in album badassery

Lets explore how to make albums that WOW clients and that show them the difference between the pros and “do it yourself” photo publishing! Album design is something we all struggle with as time-crunched professionals, creative artists and people pleasers. The aim of this course is give you a clearer vision and more tools at your design disposal!

Krystal will cover the importance of planning with your clients for an album, “shooting for design.” What designs “work” and “don’t work?” We will discuss why and what we can do to make them better using the fundamentals of good design.

Putting together a “Design Questionnaire” and “Sign Off” form and how you can use them to head off trouble at the pass and expedite the design process.

Lastly Krystal will cover several popular design software programs, commercial design templates and how to make your own PSD template library to make books quickly while maintaining high standards in quality imagery.

Those brave of heart and thick-skinned are encouraged to send their digital album design spreads to Krystal at krystal@vervestudio.com to be a part of the class discussion and review. (files should be jpgs between, 72 or 96dpi no larger than 12 inches wide, Dropbox & YouSendIt are great options for this). She will have a door prize for one lucky design entrant!

Krystal Radlinski’s Bio:

Krystal got her start with a degree from University of Florida in photojournalism and as a photojournalist for the United States Army. They sent her to Bosnia, Kosovo, Ecuador, and other armpits of the planet. She figured, “Hey, at least you’re less likely to encounter sniper fire during a wedding. Let’s do it!”
Along with her husband Matt, and surly cat “Half-Price,” she has run a Gainesville area home-studio specializing in weddings, portraits and luxurious album designs for the past ten years.

 During those 10 years, Krystal has been awarded Florida’s Top Ten Photographers three times, two Fuji Masterpiece Awards, a Kodak Gallery Award, and degreed a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman by the Professional Photographers of America, PPA Platinum Photographer of The Year twice and the Accolade of Photographic Mastery Medal by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. Her mom also made her some yummy cookies.
This year at PPA she designed four merit albums, three of which were accepted into the loan collection. You can see her image portfolio at www.vervestudio.com or for the most up-to-date imagery on their blog www.vervestudioblog.com