Basic Light for the Studio and Location (Outside)


  • Going over the shutter speeds and f/stops
  • Reciprocity
  • Learn how to read a light meter
  • Setting your flash to use outdoors as fill light
  • Going over the Alien Bees light strobes
  • Learn how to use the correct shutter speed
  • Going over the main, fill, hair and back ground lights
  • Going over the 3 main light patterns Rembrandt, split and butterfly
  • Learn how to photograph a subject in available light using a reflector
  • Bring a camera and a flash that can be set on manual

AJ Abellera

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ajabelleraMy name is AJ Abellera. I’m married with three kids one girl who has two of own kids and two boys. I love to play tennis when I have time and I’m also the head tennis coach for the Godby tennis team. I worked for the FBI and FDLE as finger print analyst and forensic photographer. My last job was teaching photography for Leon County. I shoot with canon. For those of you who use Nikon please know how to set your flash on manual. I’m one merit away from getting my Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence (FDPE) offered by the Florida Professional Photographers (FPP). I like to photograph anything. I get inspired by other photographers work.

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