Lightroom Beneath the Surface


Lightroom is an expert tool that photographers can utilize to not only adjust shadows and highlights but to really create a lasting memory and finished high quality photograph. To do this you have to get beneath the surface. This class will be a refresher of the basics and then delve into the lesser known tools that can benefit every kind of photographer.

MATERIALS: Note taking materials, laptops with Lightroom optional


Amanda ThomasAfter being born in Montana, at the age of three Amanda moved to a very small town in upstate New York. She went to college in Canton where she persued degrees in Funeral home Management, Criminal Investigation, and Business. She had always loved taking pictures but picked up her first Canon camera in a ballistics lab where she she began receiving recognition  for Expert Bullet photography as well as Crime Scene photography.

After a while, and some nudging of fellow photographers, she decided to photograph other genres of photography and fell in love. Although she persued photography as a high level hobby she always felt it was where her heart belonged.

She continued her career in Funeral Home Management, got married and had 3 children -giving up photography for what she thought was for good. For career advancement,  her family moved to Tallahassee in 2011. After 6 years of not picking up a camera, she decided to photograph a friends child and rekindled the flame. Tallahassee has been a welcoming arena to restart a photography career and she has enjoyed every minute of it.

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