Fred Brinson, Method to the Madness

When: Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 6pm
Where: Liberty Bar

We are pleased to welcome one of our own Florida super-talents… Fred Brinson! Learn fancy art methods that will inspire you to be more creative with your photography! He will cover lighting, Photoshop tips and tricks and how you should squeeze every drop out of your images to make them the best they can be! Get into the heart and soul of one of Florida’s Finest Photographers! You do not want to miss this program. Take some notes as Fred reveals his techniques and recommends his go-to applications. Examine his work and you’ll see why FPP awarded him with The Becker Award…the highest and most distinguished award presented each year!


FRED BRINSONFred is best known for his award winning creativity! He burst on to the scene both at FPP and the Lakeland Guild in 2001 and experienced near instant recognition for his photography and unique portrait style!

Fred was included in the coveted Florida Professional Photographers Top Ten List numerous times! The awards received at his local guild are indeed numerous, but it should be noted that Fred earned 1st Place Photographer of the Year at FPP while receiving two separate “100” scores in the same competition!