Dana Heisler, CPP

Dana Heisler, CPP

Join us at 6pm on April 25th at Bella Bella for our monthly TPPG Meeting and Print Competition. This month’s speaker is Dana Heisler! Here are some details about Dana’s program:

Customers are harder to find these days but they’re still out there! Dana will teach you creative ways to find customers in today’s market. She’ll go over what you need to do to avoid common pitfalls of group buying sites like Groupon. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to successfully use these types of services to bring in customers. Some marketing ideas are extremely powerful but the time involved can be overwhelming. Learn the value of partnering and working with a local charity. Do you still exclusively use flash or slideshow galleries? If so they may be hurting your opportunity for your website to work even harder. Dana will talk about why competing your images and selling your fine art can impact your portrait photography. Today’s clients are looking for you so stop hiding and get out there with these great marketing ideas!

Some samples of Dana’s work:


Don’t forget to bring your prints for monthly print competition! We look forward to seeing you there!