When: Monday, August 24th  6-9pm
Where: Madison Social

a generational study

The digital war is over but who exactly won? We are facing a whole new world where we are continually challenged with an ever changing market, new ideas and beliefs, and we now even live in a cloud… but how is that any different than before? Well, it happened 15 minutes ago and was so yesterday.

This program is a light but serious discussion on how to understand the challenges the digital world has brought us and coming face to face with today’s consumer. We will look at the clash of the culture of yesterday and today, the accessibility and connectivity of the digital world and how this affects the photographic world. Understanding your market can assist you in dealing with the market.

JacksonJackson is owner of Action Jackson Productions, serving his clients with photography, video, and sound work. Born and raised in Ocala, Florida, Jackson graduated from Covenant College with a BA in Psychology, Sociology, and Youth Ministry and a BA in Biblical Studies, then continued his studies at reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL focusing on youth and education. From this background, Jackson has always been interested and continued his study into today’s culture and generational studies.

Jackson is married with 5 children, believes that just because he is paranoid doesn’t mean there is not someone out there trying to kill him, an Eagle Scout and Assistant Cub Master, loves Parliamentary procedure, an avid Star Trek fan (properly pronounced “Trekker”), plays Sudoku, and has a general problem with colors being in the wrong place.
Jackson is currently President of the Florida Professional Photographers, having earned the Florida Service Award and Florida Education Degree, The Jim Abrisch Service Award, President’s Award, and twice the Outstanding Service Award.

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