WHERE: Backwoods Bistro
WHEN: Thursday, August 28th, 2014 6-9pm

Please welcome this month’s speaker, the one, the only, KEVIN NEWSOME!

“You Are What You Eat”
(An Executive Head Shot/Corporate Event Program)

Kevin E. Newsome


Are you shooting what makes you happy, or are you shooting what makes you money? Oh, wait, does money make you happy? If so, maybe you can have both.

What’s hot in the photo business right now? By the looks of my Facebook feed, it’s newborn and maternity. Great market, and a large one to boot. But if your Facebook feed is loaded with those images, then surely the newborn/maternity market has plenty of competition and it’s quite possible you’ll never gain enough market share to sustain a lasting business from it. Why limit yourself to what everyone else is already doing? Get out of that crowded pond, and expand your horizon to a market that most are ignoring.

This program is a meat and potatoes presentation on the value of the business portrait/corporate event market. I’m talking from simple studio head shots to on-location, environmental, bio/web photos.

You like shooting weddings? You’ll LOVE shooting corporate events. They’re just like wedding receptions, but without the drama!

Handled properly, these two markets combined can supplement your “passionate” newborn/maternity business, and quite possibly propel it into more than just a three to five year stint in the photography industry (my personal guess as to how long most will last doing only that).

I make no promises. This is not an “overnight success” pill, nor an infomercial to “take your business to the next level and grow your business by buying into my $500/hr mentoring” program. This is hard info meant for those who want to get beyond the rainbows and unicorns business model, and pick up some serious cash.

See you on the 28th.



  • 28 years with a retail located mom/pop studio
  • Past President of TAPPA, FPP, and SEPPA
  • Master/Craftsman/CPP
  • Author/Children’s Portrait Photography, A PhotoJournalistic Approach – Amherst Media
  • Married to Kaye Newsome, FPP Executive Director/one son (Captain Logan Newsome, US Army)


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