Newborn Photography: Posing, Shooting & Selling!

with Meggan Harper, CPP

When: TUESDAY, January 19th, 2016
Where: Liberty Bar


Meggan discusses her complete workflow for newborns, from start to finish. She will start from the initial phone call and take you all the way through the session and to the final sale. Meggan will cover tips and tricks to safely posing newborns, capturing sleepy smiles and photographing the poses that sell every time. She will also discuss how to make money in newborn photography and take you through the preparation and presentation of a sales appointment. This will be a start to finish guide on newborn photography and will include a live demo. During the demo, Meggan will demonstrate her soothing and posing techniques for newborns. She has a calm and natural approach to newborn photography and has often been called “The Baby Whisperer”. In addition to showing you how to capture baby smiles and popular poses, she will demonstrate how to transition the baby from pose to pose with minimal fuss.


Meggan HarperMeggan Harper has specialized in photographing newborns since the day her business opened. She has a genuine love for documenting babies within their first days of life and considers it the highest honor for parents to allow her to do so. Her favorite quote is “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius. This is her mantra in the workplace. Meggan has a strong belief that if you do what you love, you will naturally excel at it, be more creative everyday, and find a way to make money doing so. Her work has been published twice in the nationwide Parenting magazine and she has photographed the covers for 3 local parent magazines throughout Central Florida. Meggan has also spoken at ImagingUSA about how she has raised money for the past 5 years for Operation Smile, a PPA Charities Organization. Meggan has mentored several photographers, local or not, with an open and honest approach. She keeps no secrets and feels that the more she helps fellow photographers, the more she raises up the entire industry. She does not worry about “training her competition” because she feels that there is an abundance of work out there for all of us. Aside from the world of newborn photography, Meggan is a mother to 4 boys, and has one baby boy on the way. She’s no stranger to newborns, that’s for sure! She also enjoys yoga, rollerblading and visiting the mountains of Colorado.

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