Story Catching, You Got This!

with Lissa Hatcher, Master Photog.

6-9pm on Monday, January 19th, 2015 at Madison Social

Free for members, $15 for first time guests.

A year from now, you will wish you had started today!
To be inspired, navigate your way through client, creation then product…We sometimes find ourselves in a rut or worse yet lost.

What if I said we could learn how to harness our ideas, be inspired, make new goals and build inspiring dreams in the new year?

This class is just that! We will talk creation, clients, goal setting, contracts, and marketing. I promise you will inspired and be ready to take on the world…No holding back! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Lissa Hatcher Gallery

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About the Speaker:
Lissa HatcherLissa Hatcher lives in Tampa, Florida and Works world wide and specializes in Surrealistic Portraiture and Creative Directing. Lissa has made her mark with commissioned art pieces being voted “Hottest New Talent” by American Photo Magazine, “Best New Artist” at SWPPA, and Photographer of the Year Year after Year, winning many Fuji and Kodak awards and best of shows. She has been publish many times over in magazines, newspapers , books, the PPA Loan Collection and PPA Showcase Book. She has even been honored with a Kodak Elite award!

Her pieces are symbolistic, hopeful and quirky. Dreaming most of her pieces she is also influenced by such greats as Dali and Michael Parkes but finds most of her influences come from children’s books and the subjects themselves. To quote her …”I live in my own world , but it’s ok… I am never lonely, they know me well there.”
With her first photographic goal out of the way… receiving her Master of Photography in only three years, Lissa is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book and creating new work for the upcoming shows, This year marks the first year she will be leaving behind her roots in traditional photography to pursue writing and story telling pieces.

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