This month’s Tallahassee Professional Photographer’s Guild meeting will be held on Thursday, July 30th at 6pm.

Participating in print competitions is probably the best and fastest way to improve the level of your photography! But we know competition can be intimidating, and learning the “rules” can be confusing.

Please join us on July 30th for an in-depth look at print competition. Qualified print judges will review your images and talk about their strengths as well as how they can be improved. This may sound scary but it is just us, folks!

Not interested in participating in print competition? Watching critiques of your work and the work of other professionals not only improves your ability to do well in competition, but more importantly it improves your craft. There is a wealth of information available simply by learning what the judges see and don’t see in an image. By incorporating this knowledge into your work, your clients will begin to see a difference in your product and will recognize a distinction between a professional photograph and images captured by those with less training.

TO PARTICIPATE: Find four of your very best images you would like to have reviewed. Two images will be chosen to be critiqued at the meeting. Please submit your four digital files to Robin Adams – on or before Monday July 27th. At the meeting, the judges will critique the images for the entire group. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Robin by email or by phone (997-5391).

TO PREPARE: Go to the FPP website to view a lot of information on competition, and even view winners from last year’s state competition. NOTE: DO NOT REGISTER through this site… that is for the state competition in August. But do take advantage of the information such as the 12 Elements of a Merit Print.

This month’s meeting is being held one week later than usual, falling on July 30th. Members of the Guild pay the standard $25 meeting fee, which includes dinner. First time visitors pay $35, which also includes dinner. If you have already attended a guild meeting as a visitor, please consider joining the guild at this month’s meeting. For more information, please visit our blog at:

We are looking forward to an amazing meeting!