Posing with Purpose


Posing is often a “dirty” word in the age of photojournalistic photography, but often it is the difference between a happy client and an unhappy one. “Posing” does not have to mean stiff, uncomfortable or unnatural. What it means to a successful photographer is making your clients look their best so that they love you, spend lots of money and send you tons of referral business. Linda will teach posing in real life situations- for families, couples, boudoir, singles, etc. that can be applied to any genre of portrait photography.


lindalongA true Carolina Girl, Linda came to Tallahassee in 1998 from the Palmetto state to become a Seminole. Still a loyal Clemson Tiger fan, Linda adores college football and her fall Saturdays revolve around gameday. With a severe addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper, Linda is often on a caffeine high as she juggles the busy studio and two wild boys at home (three if you count Olyn!) She has an obsession with all things bulldog, Loves things that sparkle and her favorite color is purple. She is a real nerd and plays word games and reads books non-stop. She has lots of awards for her photography, but still finds the hugs from her smallest clients to be the most rewarding part of her job.

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