The Anatomy of a Wedding


Beginning at the inquiry process to the delivery of products, Mary Beth will go through the process of an entire wedding. She will give special attention to educating the client, dealing with expectations and setting up the timeline. We will then go through the highlights of that particular wedding to discuss how the wedding was shot, why certain choices were made while shooting, shooting mistakes at the wedding and how she overcame obstacles. She will share images that didn’t work and what finally made a particular shot work and end up in the gallery.

Turning Chicken Poop into Chicken Soup

Mary Beth will discuss how she takes the ugly and and turns it into the beautiful. Ugly spaces and venues, cluttered rooms, boring locations, timelines that fall behind and force you to shoot in the dark. She will share her approach to the most difficult situations and how she has (most of the time) made them work for her. In this portion of the presentation she will show you pictures of rooms that seemed nearly impossible to shoot in and the images she was able to capture in them. In order to get to a place where you are shooting in gorgeous locations must first begin with the ability to shoot in ugly places too.

Mary Beth will then share images of difficult rooms and venues, rainy days, shooting at night and how she made beautiful images in places nearly impossible to shoot. “Creating something out of nothing is what makes a photographer an artist.”

Mary Beth Tyson

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marybethtysonMary Beth has three boys under the age of four. She rarely shoots a wedding that doesn’t require a plane trip, but still feels like by day she’s a stay at home mom. Focusing on her true ability and passion to be a documentary wedding photographer is what helped her weed out he excess weddings and shoot a certain number of weddings per year for clients who want an experience beyond what they see on Pinterest.


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