The May TPPG Guild Meeting is this Thursday, May 24th at 6:00pm!  Meetings are held at El Jalisco (formerly Nino’s) on Apalachee Parkway:  MAP


If you’ve been interested in understanding what Adobe Lightroom™ is all about, this is the program for you. Marty Grivjack, who has been teaching Lightroom™ since its debut in 2006, will explain how this robust made-for-photographers image editing system can revolutionize your photographic workflow, save post-processing time, and best of all, make you money!


Find out how easy it is to:

–       Quickly white-balance every image, even if you don’t own a gray card*.

–       Protect your valuable photo assets with copyright metadata and easy watermarking.

–       Quickly find and organize your images using simple collections and keywords.

–       Solve every-day location lighting issues using easy gradients.

–       Efficiently batch-process virtually any adjustment to every image that needs them.

–       Track EVERY image you take and edit you make while saving tons of drive space too!

–       Perform almost 95% of your editing in Lightroom™.

–       Create emotional and impactful slideshows with music in minutes.

–       Make websites and online galleries easily and without using Dreamweaver™!

–       Learn how to fail-proof your image storage inexpensively.

About Marty:    Marty remains a full-time photographer and uses Lightroom to process and manage all of his client and personal work. Everything he teaches comes from real-life usage trial-and-error, and the benefit is easy to learn problem-solving methods and techniques that save time and increase profits.  Marty is the president of Professional Photographers Guild of the Palm Beaches.