November 2017 Meeting and Print Competition

Please join us for the last meeting this year! This month we welcome Kevin Floyd!

When: 6pm-9pm 
Where: Backwoods Bistro


3D Lighting with Kevin Floyd

Kevin will be teaching us things you didn’t know about light, that we can actually use!

Kevin’s presentation will cover:

1. The 5 lighting patterns, short vs broad, quality of light, Size of light source.

2.What makes light soft.

3. Baffled by baffles?

4. Light modifiers and how to make your own that DON’T look home made.

5. Efficiency of Light

6. Depth of light

7. Light and Color (NOT white balance) Reflection and absorption

8 Studio lighting indoors and out.

9. Garage lighting


Kevin Floyd is an award winning portrait artist. His a respected lecturer both in the community and within professional photographic associations. Kevin holds the Master and Craftsman Degrees in photography and is certified by the Professional Photographers of America. He is an active member of the Jacksonville Professional Photographers Guild, Florida Professional Photographers, and Professional Photographers of America. He has won numerous local, national, and international awards. Kevin is Past President of the Jacksonville Professional Photographers Guild.