The November TPPG meeting is scheduled for WEDNESDAY November 19th at Nino’s Restaurant on Apalachee Parkway.  Please note that it is on WEDNESDAY this month due to a scheduling conflict.  The social aspect of the meeting begins at 6pm, with all prints entered no later than 6:30.  At 6:30 the business portion begins and includes guild business, print of the month voting and door prizes.
The November speaker is Aaron Lockwood,

“Weddings with Purpose”


He will be covering three aspects of wedding photography –

1) The business side

2) The Production side

3) The creative side.

Aaron started in photography around 1990 as an assistant to a commercial photographer through High School,

From 1994-1996 he worked at a company in Texas that produced Educational Curriculum. He was working with the first digital cameras and Photoshop 2.0,

From 1996-1998 took the photography program at PTEC under Terry Allison.

In 1998 he started the digital department at Reedy Photoprocess and started Aaron Lockwood Photography.

In 2002 he went full time with Aaron Lockwood Photography.

Awards: Wedding Photographer of the Year (TAPPA) 2006
Overall Photographer of the Year (TAPPA) 2005
Wedding Photographer of the Year (TAPPA) 2005
Six for Six with two distinguished awards

in the Social Function Category (FPP) 2005

2007 Florida Top Ten

2008 Received his FDPE from the FPP