In Person Sales with Karen Sumner White, Cr.Photog

MEETING DATE: Thursday, October 23, 2014
LOCATION: Backwoods Bistro
TIME: 6:00pm-9:00pm
RSVP: Facebook

karenwhite_webWhat do we all want from our portrait business? More profit? Fewer hours? More time with our families? How about all of the above? How do we make that happen?

Those are a lot of questions. Now let’s talk about the answer.

IN PERSON SALES … It can help give you all of those things and more. It’s the most effective way to grow your business in the shortest period of time with the least effort. It gives you the added bonus of providing your clients with the best service possible. And, your images are displayed beautifully in your client’s homes for years to come.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, there’s an investment. Yes, there’s a learning curve. You don’t have to be a “sleazy salesman type”. With a little bit of knowledge you can be on your way to more satisfied clients and a more profitable business.

Karen will take you through the sales process, beginning with the initial contact and ending … well, hopefully never-ending, as you develop clients for life! She has been doing projection sales for over two decades, not only for her business, but also for other photographers, in studio and on location. She’ll tell you her ups and downs, the hurdles you’ll have to overcome, and the reasons it’s all worth it!

Karen began working for a wedding and portrait studio as a photography assistant and sales manager in 1988. Marriage took her to the Clearwater/Tampa area in 1993 where she began working as a marketing and sales rep and later became a full time portrait photographer. Karen’s love for her family and the beautiful beaches brought her right back home to the Emerald Coast in 2002 where she has since specialized in photographing families in the natural beauty of the area’s beaches, parks and seaside communities.

Karen has been an active participant in local, state, regional and national photographic associations having served as President of the Suncoast Professional Photographers in Clearwater, FL, the Northwest Section of the Florida Professional Photographers in Pensacola, FL and the Emerald Coast Professional Photographers Association in Destin, FL. She has also received numerous awards for her photography from these organizations.

Karen has been recognized by the Florida Professional Photographers with two of their highest awards, the Florida Service Award and the Florida Education Degree, along with several Outstanding Service Awards. For several years Karen has spoken throughout the Southeast teaching seminars and workshops to instruct other professional photographers in sales and beach photography. She was honored to receive her Photographic Craftsman Degree from the Professional Photographers of America in January of 2012.