Do what you love and make ‘em love you for it!

Brian is a Wedding Photographer based in Tampa Bay and has quickly become one of the most sought after Wedding Artists in his area.  He was recently awarded “2007 Photographer of the Year” by the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association and “2008 Top Ten Florida Photographers”.  In 2007, he received his PPA certification.

Today’s Wedding Photographer needs to be much more than just a photographer.  That’s obvious, but building a connection with the client is the critical factor for Brian.  His style is modern, sexy and romantic, but unobtrusive and natural at the same time.  Brian believes that without this mutual respect and connection, real, emotional photographs are more of a chance than a guarantee.  When your customer trusts you, everything is simply a case of “capture those moments”.

If your work looks just like everyone else on the block, customers will choose based on price.  Why be the same?  Be unique, be different!  Find your inner artist and create a demand for your product.

Brian will also give some insight to workflow and RAW processing using Lightroom and how to start with a solid photograph and make it into a piece of art in Photoshop that they can’t resist.  Throughout the program, Brian will demonstrate simple techniques to make your work efficient, consistent and creative.