Selling Without the Sleaze


Selling is not sleazy. When done well, it is an opportunity to maximize the satisfaction of your clients. In this fun, interactive, and informative program Olyn Long of Long’s Photography will show you step by step how he more than tripled his average sale while respecting his client’s preferences. You will learn how to make significantly more from each of your client interactions, boost your revenue and maximize your bottom line. Olyn will demonstrate his sales process from start to finish – no secrets and no questions are out of bounds. We will work to develop a philosophy of sales that places you as the expert clients trust to not only create fantastic images but decorate their homes.


olynlongOlyn is a class clown always looking for a new class to entertain. He finds humor everywhere, even in the most awkward situation. Never a fan of social etiquette, he has rejected the notion of “acting his age” or “behaving in public”. He is always full of random facts on bizarre subjects such as big foot, alien conspiracies and dooms day prepping. He believes every meal must contain meat (and usually potatoes) and that the only thing better than ‘Murica is southern ‘Murica. To win Olyn’s love, one must only mention buffets, football, clapton or Pork rinds. While it may seem that Olyn spends his day joking with clients and not really “working”, he makes sure that each client that comes to the studio leaves with a perfect order that suits exactly what they need.


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