2012 TPPG Print Competition (Salon)

To read more information about how to enter in the upcoming local “salon” (our annual print competition), click the “2012 Salon” button.  We’ve gone digital, and we have a LOT of changes.  Be sure to read ALL of the instructions… there are some hard deadlines that can not be broken.
The Basics
Salon Date:      Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 6 p.m.  
Location:          Golden Eagle Country Club
Meeting Fee:    $25 per person.  Dinner included.
RSVP:               On or Before Friday, June 22.  This is VERY important!
                              If you or any of your guests require a vegetarian entrée, please let know by Friday, June 22.
Case Entry:       All cases MUST be submitted by midnight on June 21, 2012.  See attachments for directions.
Case Fees:        $30.00   All case fees must be received by 6:15pm on June 28. 
                                Any case without a case fee paid will not be judged.

To Enter or not to Enter:  If you aren’t ready to enter prints just yet, that’s ok, please plan to attend anyway. No meeting this year is as educational as Salon – and watching the judging will advance your photography by leaps and bounds.

Please let us know if you have any questions about, dates, Salon Prep and/or anything Salon. We hope to see you there and please feel free to forward this to anyone that might want to come.  You do NOT need to be a member of TPPG to attend and spouses are welcome.