Tony has worked in Photoshop since version 2, his workflow has evolved over the years to a level that is geared towards:

Highest Quality Images
Faster Workflow
Smallest Possible File Sizes
Total Artistic Control
Total “Edit-ability” of all steps

Easy to Learn Methods

My program will give you the foundation for reaching this level in your Photoshop work. It is a new and different approach to image enhancement, providing for higher quality, faster workflow and the ability to change anything at any time. 
Check out my work at:
Bring your laptop to work along with me.
About Tony:
FPP Competition Manager
FPP Director of Communications
Master Photographer
PPA Approved Photographic/Imaging Instructor
PPA Certified Professional Photographer
PPA Photographic Craftsman
Florida Service Award
Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence
Photographer of the year, PPGMF 2008
Kodak Gallery Award Winner 2006
Top Ten Photographer, FPP 2004
Loan Collection Images PPA Salon 2005/2007/2008