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Tammy Griffin, portrait artist, Inc.

After graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1988, I Moved to Ocala in 91 and started a commercial business photographing grocery store food ads. Not wanting to travel to the big city for work and wanting to stay in Ocala, I decided to take my first portrait class from Charles Lewis in 92. I learned most of my marketing and selling expertise from him. Worth every penny! He is my mentor for Marketing, Merchandizing and Sales as well as my overall business model. These things you do not learn in photography school.

I found a niche with a baby club for bread and butter support thanks to my friends Kim & Peggy Warmolts . But my business was not doing real well until in 97 when I joined my local, state and national associations.

As I learned more by going to conventions and seminars my business grew very fast. I built a new residental-studio in 2002 and we are now planning to build a separate building on my acre lot which is part of my 5 year plan.

I have received my FDPE, FSA, FED and just earned my merits for the PPA Masters Degree.

I enjoy a low volume, high quality, exclusive business of photography and share my life with a great husband, Danny Vincent. We have an awesome grandson, Taylor, who keeps us young!