In Person Sales with Stacy Larsen

When: Monday, July 18, 2016 6pm-9pm
Where: Liberty Bar

Without a doubt, in person sales equal higher profits. But for so many, the very thought of becoming a sales person can be terrifying. Stacy Larsen will be sharing her low pressure, high profit approach to in person sales. She will walk you through start to finish how she maximizes her profits while building life long relationships with her clients.

TPPG Stacy Larsen


Stacy LarsenStacy Larsen is a natural light Photographer in the Tampa Bay area, has been in business since 2004 and has combined her years of experience and passion for photography to build a successful boutique portrait business. Stacy has been teaching budding photographers around the country how to start and run a profitable business without falling into the “Mom with a Camera” gap that so many new photography businesses fall victim to. She prides herself on being an open book and loves sharing her knowledge and experience whenever she can.